Emerging technology is always changing, so we wanted to understand the impact on different industriesIn this audio series, we speak with our analyst colleagues Jeff Becker, George Lawrie, and Arielle Trzcinski to explore how emerging technologies are changing (and will in the future), even solving some of the most important and complex issues in four key sectors: consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare providers, healthcare insurers, and retail.

In a world where steady returns and good growth are no longer occurring, CPG companies now face three main problems: 

  1. Solving for the last mile 
  2. Emerging markets
  3. Product personalization 

George Lawrie and Brian Hopkins discuss the solution here. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, US healthcare providers face two separate but interrelated long-term problems  as well as a third problem that is exacerbating both:

  1. Reducing cost of care
  2. Improving care outcomes
  3. Clinician burnout 

Brian Hopkins and Jeff Becker discuss the solution here. 

Additionally, US healthcare insurers face several issues in addition to the fact that COVID-19 is changing healthcare forever, which mean healthcare insurers can no longer be slow to change: 

  1. Uncertainty about the future of the industry
  2. Changing consumer behavior
  3. Dealing with a legacy technology stack 

Brian Hopkins and Arielle Trzcinski discuss the solution here. 

Lastly, retailers face three critical problems: 

  1. Creating new sources of customer value
  2. Optimizing inventory returns
  3. Delivering frictionless omnichannel to customers 

George Lawrie and Nigel Fenwick discuss the solution here. 

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Written with Emily Stutzman, research associate at Forrester.