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Research-based guidance on how to manage customer experience (CX) at any organization — an imperative that Forrester has been researching for over 20 years. Each week, Forrester analysts discuss key findings from their latest research on CX; analyze relevant topics in the news; or chat with CX professionals about how they’ve overcome prevalent challenges managing CX in their organizations.

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273: Customer Experience At NASA

The CX Cast October 28, 2021
Hearing and enacting customer needs can be challenging in a federal IT environment with specific cybersecurity and privacy regulations, and with a customer base spanning 60,000 employees plus external partners.  In this episode, we’re joined by NASA Customer Experience Lead Luis Bares to discuss the role of the CIO organization at NASA, his journey to […]

272: Forrester’s CX Index™ And Improving Customer Experience Quality

The CX Cast October 21, 2021
In this episode, we’re joined by Principal Analyst Pete Jacques, Ph.D. to discuss his background, experience on Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) team, and his coverage area on the Customer Experience Research team. His research spans from building stronger customer loyalty and trust through higher-quality customer experiences to CX measurement and KPIs. Click the […]

253: Agile and Design Teams – Better Together (R)

The CX Cast October 14, 2021
Companies are adopting agile frameworks and adding designers to their delivery teams to improve digital experience development efforts. But these two constituencies don’t rely on the same workflow, artifacts, or ceremonies — and often struggle to find common ground as a result. In this episode, we’re joined by Senior Analyst Karine Cardona-Smits to discuss how […]

271: CX Participation Is Vital To Automation Success

The CX Cast October 7, 2021
Customer experience’s (CX) goal of “humanizing” experiences might seem far removed from automation’s focus on removing humans from business processes. But the pandemic-induced push to serve customers online has brought these two forces together, and firms have learned transformational lessons from each. In this episode we’re joined by Principal Analyst Leslie Joseph to discuss how automation […]

270: Trifacta – Improving Customer ROI

The CX Cast September 30, 2021
Great customer service helps customers get the most out of your product and services. This requires complex and varied work across internal teams, customer journey touchpoints, and regularly reassessing strategies. In this episode we’re joined by Trifacta’s Chief Customer Officer, Paul Staelin, to discuss how to enable employees and optimize customer interactions to improve their […]

246: Enabling Employees In A Work From Home Model (R)

The CX Cast September 23, 2021
Great customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) go hand in hand.  To deliver high-quality CX, companies must enable their employees, amid COVID-19 and shifting needs.  In this episode, we are joined by Verizon’s Vice President of Sales and Service Operations, Ken Lain, to discuss his team’s work supporting 17,000+ customer service employees as many […]

269: Designing Chatbots With The User In Mind

The CX Cast September 16, 2021
The use of chatbots continues to proliferate as companies double down on digital, but many deliver poor user experiences. In this episode, we’re joined by VP, Principal Analyst David Truog to discuss his research on conversational AI (voice and text chatbots) and how designing successful experiences based on such technologies requires deep attention to human-centric […]

251: Design For Work — Boost Productivity And Satisfaction By Transforming Enterprise UX (R)

The CX Cast September 9, 2021
From CEOs to entry-level employees, people rely on digital tools at work — tools that are mostly inadequate or even terrible in terms of user experience (UX).  These enterprise UX problems cause their companies to waste time, undermine vital transformations, underserve customers, and risk dangerous mistakes. In this episode, we’re joined by Principal Analyst Andrew Hogan […]

268: Take Employee Wellness Beyond Benefits

The CX Cast September 2, 2021
Modern business was tough enough, and then the pandemic ushered us into the future of work today, quickly reforming how, why, and where work happens. This forced employees to be more collaborative, more innovative, and more adaptive than ever before — testing their individual resources. Employee well-being — the total health and wellness of your […]

267: Forrester’s User Experience (UX) Research Team – From Design For Work To Inclusive Design

The CX Cast August 26, 2021
Forrester’s customer experience (CX) research team, and it’s user experience (UX subteam), covers a variety of topics. In this episode we’re joined by VP, Research Director Ian Jacobs to discuss his expertise in customer service and chatbots, and his UX subteam’s existing and upcoming coverage of a variety of topics, from design for work to […]

266: Forrester’s Periodic Table Of Insights

The CX Cast August 19, 2021
Customer experience (CX) leaders who would like to become insights driven need to familiarize themselves with the different techniques that analysts and data scientists apply to data. In this episode we’re joined by VP, Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell to discuss Forrester’s periodic table of insights, which highlights 20 of the most common analytical approaches for […]

265: Assurant – How To Structure CX In A Decentralized Organization

The CX Cast August 12, 2021
Choosing how to organize and operate a customer experience (CX) team depends on many factors, including the business’s maturity, goals, structure, and culture. In this episode we’re joined by Deborah Cornwell, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Assurant, to discuss how they’ve structured their CX team in a large, decentralized organization. Click the titles […]

264: CX Strategy Essentials

The CX Cast August 5, 2021
The precise definition and composition of a customer experience (CX) strategy has proven elusive for many business leaders. Getting it right is essential, though, as the CX strategy plots how a business will execute on its CX vision, helping it achieve its business goals. In this episode we’re joined by Principal Analyst TJ Keitt to […]

263: Customer Obsession Explained

The CX Cast July 29, 2021
Companies that put the customer at the center of their leadership, strategy, and operations enjoy stronger revenue growth, more satisfied customers, and more engaged employees than their competitors. And customer-obsessed firms can better pivot in response to market shocks like the pandemic. In this episode we’re joined by VP, Principal Analyst Shar VonBoskirk to discuss […]

262: Collaboration And Growth Strategies To Power CX Transformation

The CX Cast July 22, 2021
High-functioning customer experience (CX) teams don’t treat CX as a standalone function, rather they determine what they can do themselves and what requires internal and external partnerships. In this episode we’re joined by Executive Partner and Senior Analyst Su Doyle to discuss collaboration and growth strategies for customer experience leaders, from who to work with […]

261: SCAN Health Plan – Building Customer Empathy

The CX Cast July 15, 2021
Building empathy with your customers is vital, particularly when your audience is part of the ‘silver tsunami’ of a rapidly growing ageing population. In this episode we’re joined by Archie Dey, Director of Consumer Experience and Insights at SCAN Health Plan to discuss how they listen to and empathize with their customers, from trainings to […]

250: Benchmark Customer Journeys To Drive Emotional Engagement (R)

The CX Cast July 8, 2021
To know what good customer journeys look like — and to benchmark them — customer experience (CX) pros need to understand how to design for emotion. This requires gaining a more granular understanding of how emotions impact CX and discrete customer journeys, going beyond simply delight. In this episode we’re joined by VP, Principal Analyst […]

238: How Equity For Your Employees Drives Equity For Your Brand (R)

The CX Cast July 1, 2021
As issues of gender equality, racial justice, and discrimination across the diversity spectrum hit the headlines, organizations are struggling to respond to customers, employees, and other stakeholders. In this episode, we discuss with Principal Analyst, Katy Tynan, about how having a diverse workforce is both a competitive advantage and table stakes for values-based consumers and […]

260: Don’t Miss Your Anywhere Work Opportunity

The CX Cast June 24, 2021
C-level leaders know they are on the hook for an anywhere-work strategy beyond the pandemic. A striking 75% of CEOs surveyed expect their office spaces to shrink. But many aren’t sure what benefits they can expect from such a bold move nor do they know how to succeed.  In this episode we’re joined by VP, Principal […]

259: Everyone Benefits When Data Ethics And Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (DEI) Converge

The CX Cast June 17, 2021
Data ethics and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are increasingly critical issues for organizations. In research conducted for our Forrester Wave™ evaluation of customer database and engagement agencies, we uncovered an important mandate for CMOs: The convergence of these two practices is central to a brand’s customer engagement strategy.  In this episode we’re joined by […]