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Each week, the What It Means podcast invites Forrester analysts to discuss the latest trends and challenges to help business and technology leaders make bold decisions and become truly customer-obsessed. Topics range from tech-driven innovation and CX design to B2B buying trends and marketing planning. Listen now and subscribe to get a new episode each week. Got a comment or question? Email our team at podcast@forrester.com.

Latest Episodes


The Zen Of Zero Trust

What It Means April 26, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Chase Cunningham explains Zero Trust: The concept behind the framework and how companies should implement it to protect their business.

The Dark Side Of Data Commercialization

What It Means April 19, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard discusses the surveillance economy: the way that companies use personal data to influence and manipulate consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and decisions.

Looking Back To Look Ahead: The Best Of What It Means

What It Means April 12, 2018
What It Means cohosts Victor Milligan and Jennifer Isabella take a look back at the best and most impactful moments over the past year.

Nespresso’s Digital Transformation: From Vision To Operational Reality (Live)

What It Means April 5, 2018
Global Head of eCommerce Cyril Lamblard discusses Nespresso’s digital transformation from a centrally managed eCommerce team of seven people to a matrixed organization with more than 500 digital experts across more than 40 countries.

Russia’s Latest Cyberattack Sheds Light On Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

What It Means March 29, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Chase Cunningham describes how Russia’s cyberattack on US infrastructure sends a critical message to firms: Prioritize security or expect risk around business continuity, brand trust, and more.

How Financial Services Firms Are Reinventing Themselves

What It Means March 22, 2018
Vincent Bastid, CEO of the European Financial Management Association (Efma), discusses the necessary reinvention of financial services — and how firms must work together to accelerate transformation and innovation.

Reimagining The Customer Experience In Utilities

What It Means March 15, 2018
John Lincoln, customer experience leader at Duke Energy, and David Schoenberg, director of customer experience at PG&E, discuss how utilities are reimagining CX.

Bonus: Why The Home Depot Wins At Mobile Web

What It Means March 8, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst James McQuivey interviews Prat Vemana, vice president online at The Home Depot, to understand how the company has systematically approached its mobile web strategy and experience.

The Changing Nature Of Agencies

What It Means March 8, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall discusses the threats and changes that agencies are facing and what they need to do now to survive an uncertain future.

The Illusion Of Insights (Live)

What It Means March 1, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Research Director Sri Sridharan discusses how to avoid the illusion of insights in the quest to become an insights-driven business.

Retailers And Security: Perception Versus Reality

What It Means February 22, 2018
Forrester Analysts Brendan Miller and Josh Zelonis discuss the growing concern of security in retail — that which is real and that which is perceived.

Beyond The Hype Of AR And VR

What It Means February 15, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Thomas Husson discusses the current state of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and when and how we’ll see these technologies scale.

2018 Predictions: A Year Of Reckoning

What It Means February 8, 2018
Forrester thought leaders Matt Guarini, Keith Johnston, and Sam Stern predict what is going to happen to companies and industries in 2018 and beyond.

The Future Under The GDPR

What It Means February 1, 2018
With the deadline for GDPR compliance looming in May 2018, Analyst Enza Iannopollo discusses the future under the GDPR — what choices companies can make and which firms should be truly concerned.

The Economics Of Data

What It Means January 25, 2018
Data is currency and has value, but the majority of firms have not baked data into their economics. Principal Analyst Jennifer Belissent discusses the dynamic world of data and how companies can use data to drive revenue.

The (R)evolution Of The CMO And CIO

What It Means January 18, 2018
Research Directors Keith Johnston and Matt Guarini discuss the squeezes, shifts, and strategies for the CMO and CIO in 2018 — and how they can collectively lead change in today’s dynamic, consequence-heavy market.

The Future Of Marketing (Live)

What It Means January 11, 2018
Vice President and Principal Analyst Michael Facemire hosts a panel of his peers — Fatemeh Khatibloo, James McQuivey, and Shar VanBoskirk — to explore the future of marketing.

Tech Titan Dominance

What It Means January 4, 2018
Vice President and Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali discusses the implications of the tech titans in today’s market — and what it means to compete with them or join them.

The Intelligent Agent Cocoon

What It Means December 21, 2017
Vice President and Principal Analyst James McQuivey describes how consumers are using intelligent agents to cocoon themselves from the digital noise and how this move is redistributing power — and relationships — from brands to tech giants like Amazon and Google.

Bonus: The Repeal Of Net Neutrality — And What It Means For Your Business

What It Means December 15, 2017
In this bonus episode, Research Directors Glenn O’Donnell and Melissa Parrish discuss the repeal of net neutrality and what it means for your business and your customers.