The Demise OThe Cookie Is Only One Crumb Of The Data Deprecation Issue

When marketer inquiries began to flood after Google’s announcement that it will phase out third-party cookie support by 2022, we had to share some bad news: There isn’t a simple solution. Data deprecation is a much bigger trend that is changing how marketers work. As privacy regulations, browser restrictions, and walled gardens constrict the availability of consumer data, advertisers, publishers, and providers are all looking for beyond-the-cookie strategies to continue their effectiveness or monetize more first-party data. Our analysts covering advertising, marketing measurement, and privacy have been tracking these developments closely and shared some initial guidance in a recent blog postAnd we’re actively researching the impact of data deprecation on the consumer data ecosystem, marketing measurement, the future of advertising, and data management platforms (DMPs). Up next, we’ll be hosting a webinar, The Future Of The Third-Party Cookie, on February 24, where you will have the opportunity to ask four experts your questions and hear their advice on how to move forward.

Cybersecurity, Geopolitics, And National Security, Oh My!: The Battle For 5G Continues

Two weeks after the UK selected Huawei as one of its 5G suppliers and the US revealed more information about Huawei’s alleged surveillance capabilities, the US Department of Justice announced an indictment against Huawei and its US subsidiaries. The indictment spells out multiple allegations against Huawei, including business activities in sanctioned countries such as North Korea and Iran, violations of intellectual property agreements, and encouraging employees to share trade secrets and obtain confidential information from competitorsWhether this is one nation battling another’s nationalized conglomerate, a trade war that now involves law enforcement, or an escalation of cyberconflict rife with economic espionage, we are certain of one thing: The legal and geopolitical battle for 5G is just beginning. To determine your risk when working with the conglomeratefollow the indictment and ongoing legal cases that follow. And if your company hires former Huawei employees, consider enhanced background screening processes, as well as putting them on a Zero Trust island with the right tools and technologies to mitigate insider threat risks.

Google Head Of HR Steps Down, Reveals Challenges That All Orgs Face

When Eileen Naughton, head of people operations at Google, announced that she would step down later this year and take another position in the company, it was easy to assume that Google’s many employee challenges had claimed another victim. But, as we wrote this week, the issue is more complex than that — otherwise, Google would have happily offered Naughton as a sacrificial lamb and moved on instead of retaining her elsewhere. The biggest challenge that Google faces is the same one all employers will soon face: Employee experience (EX) is more than HR compliance, a payroll management task, or motivating employees to excel at their work. It’s a key responsibility of every leader in the C-suite and all their direct reports. We are now entering an era when employees expect their companies to contribute to their happiness whether they are on or off the clock. The good news? We can help you prepare for this future. Stay tuned for more of the Forrester future-of-work team’s analysis of this challenge in 2020 and beyond.

Feedback On Products And Services Won’t Help You Understand Your Customers

Don’t limit your customer understanding to just the feedback you have directly received from customers: They typically only share tactical feedback aligned to the products or services you provide. To get broader exposure to customers’ desires and objectives, seek outside-in views from your ecosystem partners and independent third parties. For instance, if your focus is improving customer health, look at the recent survey of 1,000 US healthcare consumers compiled by FierceHealthcare. Among its findings: the most common barriers consumers face and the alternative care options consumers consider when trying to access care. These kinds of insights will help you better address customer needs, broaden your customer value proposition, and position you for stronger market leadership. Register for our upcoming webinar or set up an inquiry to learn how to deploy outside-in data strategies to enable marketing, product, and innovation advancements.