“Do you know this new analyst covering data science and artificial intelligence in the financial industry?”

“Yes, I bumped into him in a meeting. What is his name again?”

Ummm … I can manage his first name: In-dra-nil. Please don’t ask me his surname, however!”

When I overheard this conversation, I realized I had to introduce myself!

First things first: Many call me IB. I have not figured out why; have you? Some call me Indra, too. No worries: You can choose any one of the three variations. About my surname — it is much easier to pronounce than its spelling would suggest. It’s Ban-dough-pa-dhjay.

Can You Tell Me Something About Yourself, IB?

I was born in one of India’s small, dusty, quiet towns. I didn’t realize I had grown up in adversity and challenging circumstances until much later. On the bright side, it gave me a can-do attitude, a refusal to give up, and the ability to take things as they come. Simply put, I consider myself fortunate and blessed.

After high school, I went to computer science engineering college and got my first job as a programmer. Later, I worked in various capacities, including as a consultant, systems analyst, and expert in IT systems for banking and payments. This was when I thought about getting my MBA. After my business studies, I joined a property and casualty (P&C) insurance company as its CIO. Before joining Forrester, I was the CIO for an insurance conglomerate engaged in P&C, life, investment wrappers, and distribution (including brokerage).

What Will You Do At Forrester, Indra?

I intend to transition my knowledge as a practitioner into researching and providing solutions to the real-life pain points experienced by our customers. Technology and software development are two of my primary areas of competence. This includes the theory and practice of automating business processes, specifically focusing on applying data science and AI. I will primarily cover these aspects in my research. I will also cover the area of financial services, paying particular attention to the insurance sector. Watch this space for more specifics.

What Are Your Interests, Indranil?

I am curious about behavioral science and innovation frameworks/systems. Movies that are grounded in realism, documentaries, and music fascinate me. Before I injured my knee, I played football regularly. Dogs are great, and I have a soft spot for them. Like you, I enjoy seeing the world. I have lived in a few countries — like Scotland, the US, South Africa, and Switzerland. Currently, I am based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

I look forward to speaking with you during the upcoming inquiry, advisory, guidance, or briefing sessions. Connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like to get in touch.