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Mobile Commerce Is Growing As Inhibitions Go Down

Meenakshi Tiwari November 1, 2019
Mobile’s share in US online retail and travel commerce will increase from 36% in 2018 to 45% in 2024, as per our recently published forecast, “Forrester Analytics: Mobile And Tablet Commerce Forecast, 2019 To 2024 (US).” Smartphone buyers are growing faster than overall online buyers, but revenue per user will be the growth driver as […]

Social Will Be The Fastest-Growing Digital Advertising Channel Globally

Meenakshi Tiwari August 15, 2019
While 2018 was a challenging year for global social media advertising amid the implementation of GDPR, privacy scandals, and brand safety concerns, Forrester forecasts that social will remain the fastest-growing digital advertising channel globally over the next five years. This growth will be driven by increasing revenue per user and will be fastest in Asia […]

Asia Pacific Online Video Advertising Spend Will Reach $53.7 Billion By 2023

Meenakshi Tiwari July 11, 2019
Increasing internet penetration, better data infrastructure, and increasing adoption of 4G and now 5G are driving video consumption in Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific region is a mix of heterogeneous markets such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, and India. Markets like South Korea and China are leading globally in term of 5G adoption, and markets like India and, again, China have a huge potential in terms of new users joining the internet every day and low revenue per […]

Voice Technology Is The Key To Faster Smart Home Adoption

Meenakshi Tiwari May 7, 2019
Smart speakers continue to sell like hotcakes and create ripples of excitement among smart home enthusiasts. This is not only good news for smart speaker manufacturers but also for manufacturers of other smart home categories, because owners of smart speakers are more likely to purchase other smart home devices such as smart thermostats and locks. […]

The Tumult In The Smartphone Industry Continued In 2018

Meenakshi Tiwari January 31, 2019
2018 brought no calm to the smartphone industry, and Apple’s Q1 2019 earnings are an indication that the trend will continue this year. After years of consistent double-digit growth rates, a slowdown in smartphone sales that started in 2017 continued in 2018. Some reasons behind this include: Major economies slowed. In 2018, many of the […]

Video Drives Online Display Advertising Spending, But With Some Limitations

Meenakshi Tiwari December 13, 2018
Online video offers marketers and media firms an immersive and interactive form of communication with targeted user groups. Google is constantly refining its content acquisition and delivery tools to grow its YouTube revenue. Three Chinese digital giants — Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (BAT) — are investing aggressively on their online video platforms, namely Baidu’s iQiyi, […]