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The Future Of European Digital Banking: Mobile, Tablet, Or Both?

Vikram Sehgal February 28, 2014
with Jeff Wray It is safe to say that online and mobile banking have hit mainstream. Today, more than half of all adults with a bank account in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK use banking services — which we define as information requests, transactions, or alert delivery — on their PCs, […]

Broadband Has Broad Appeal In Western Europe

Vikram Sehgal June 17, 2013
With Jeff Wray With almost 80% of homes in the EU-7 (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and UK) having online access in 2013, Internet connections are a standard household component today in Western Europe. And as users demand faster connections to consume rich media content across multiple devices, broadband connectivity is quickly becoming the […]

India’s eCommerce Woes: Managing Logistics Challenges In India

Vikram Sehgal June 10, 2013
Coca-Cola recently announced that it is jumping into the red-hot Indian online retail arena by selling directly to consumers and small businesses, a first for a FMCG (CPG) company in India. While the Indian online retail story is still being written and Forrester is bullish about the long-term prospects for this channel, the immediate challenges […]