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Clean Up Your Martech And Loyalty Tech Ecosystem

Mary Pilecki 4 days ago
We all know that there is a big difference between working hard and working smart. And specifically for marketers, the status quo often makes working smart impossible — functional silos inhibit internal efficiencies and negatively impact the overall customer experience. Some of today’s biggest marketing silos are technology-based — different platforms for different functions. Let’s […]

Level Up Your Loyalty Marketing With Zero-Party Data

Mary Pilecki September 14, 2022
Loyalty programs, rife with first-party data, are seemingly a salve to the challenges posed by the forces of data deprecation. But even loyalty marketers struggle to effectively collect and use data. Whether it be a lack of respect for customer privacy, data sets saturated with useless information, or an inability to make customer insights actionable, […]

This Back-To-School Season, Learn To Evolve Your Loyalty Strategy

Mary Pilecki August 16, 2022
Despite the heat wave across the United States, summer is quickly coming to a close. In just a few weeks, kids around the globe will be back in the classroom for a new year of learning. Loyalty marketers, you might consider joining them! Since early 2020, concerns for health and safety, supply chain issues, and […]

Loyalty Is A Lifeline During The Inflation Crisis

Mary Pilecki March 14, 2022
Last week, consumers in the United States woke up to a grim statistic from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index: Consumer prices rose 7.9% in February, the highest rate of annual inflation in 40 years. This rise is not unexpected if you’ve read the news headlines over the past couple of months. […]

Choose Your Loyalty Service Provider Based On Three Capabilities

Mary Pilecki August 25, 2021
Globally, we’re seeing a proliferation of brands that are investing in loyalty — whether for the first time or to revamp their existing strategy and programs. In fact, 83% of the brands we surveyed for our new Forrester Wave™ evaluation on loyalty service providers are increasing their investment in loyalty by 5% or more this […]

Promotions And Offer Management Providers Want To Help You Deliver Personalized And Compelling Incentives

Mary Pilecki August 11, 2021
Have you noticed the growing link between commerce and loyalty? Forrester has, and we’ve set out to explore it. Our first deep dive was into promotions and offer management tools, which we define as: Software that helps businesses personalize, distribute, automate, and track promotions, incentives, and other offers across digital and physical touchpoints. We included […]

Worried About Losing Cookie Tracking? Look To Your Loyalty Program

Mary Pilecki August 4, 2021
A loyalty program is a great way to collect zero-party data. Read how your loyalty program can be a powerful tool in the post-cookie world.

CX Is A Critical Driver Of Emotional Loyalty

Mary Pilecki April 26, 2021
Emotion metrics can be a measure of a customer’s actual loyalty. But only when they're placed in a larger context of customer loyalty metrics. Read more.

Introducing: Your New Loyalty Analyst And A Forrester Wave™ On Loyalty Solutions

Mary Pilecki April 5, 2021
Hi there! Mary Pilecki here, reintroducing myself as your Forrester analyst covering loyalty marketing. During the 10 years I’ve been at Forrester, I’ve worn a few different hats: financial services analyst, research director for our customer insights and B2C marketing teams, and, perhaps most importantly, unofficial “snack drawer fulfillment manager” back when we were still […]

How PCC Turned Its Undifferentiated Rewards Program Into A Loyalty And Engagement Driver

Emily Collins February 19, 2021
Another undifferentiated loyalty program focused on cookie-cutter transactional rewards and lacking in customer insights. Does it sound familiar? Programs like this saturate the market even when retaining customers and earning their loyalty is more important than ever. Our data shows that even though nearly 90% of US online adults belong to a loyalty program, only […]

Use Forrester’s New Tech Tide™ Reports To Evaluate Your Martech And Adtech Investment Strategy

Mary Pilecki July 30, 2020
Marketers today must understand and use myriad technologies to support omnichannel ad strategies and deliver moments-based marketing. But the landscape of 7,000-plus options is overwhelming and rapidly evolving, especially as new privacy regulations and tech giants such as Apple and Google limit access to consumer data. We just published some research to help marketers keep […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins July 6, 2020
Walmart Takes The Lead In The Race To Fix Healthcare With New Health Supercenters As healthcare clinics start to reopen, many patients continue to put off necessary care. For some, cost is a major barrier to care. While the hurdle is not new, rising unemployment and financial uncertainty make it harder, if not impossible, to overcome. At the same time, providers also face a dire financial situation. Primary care is expected to […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins May 26, 2020
Ensuring Employee Mental Health Is Crucial For COVID-19 Economic Recovery The mental health impact of COVID-19 is coming to light, and it’s not reassuring. In a survey conducted by SAP, Qualtrics, and Mind Share Partners, over 40% of respondents said their mental health has declined since the outbreak of COVID-19. Returning to work is not likely to fix the issue. The workplace is […]

Media Companies, We Want To Hear From You!

Mary Pilecki April 28, 2020
Here at Forrester, we know today’s consumer has an unprecedented amount of power. But we need your expertise to help us deduce exactly how deeply the consumer is disrupting the media industry — before, during, and after the pandemic. We’re currently working on a report specifically for media firms to help you explore your changing […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins April 27, 2020
COVID-19 Is Proving That Consumer Voices Can Influence Business Decisions Last week, major corporations learned firsthand the power of values-based consumers. Many received harsh backlash after applying for and receiving funds from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), intended to help small businesses keep their workforces employed amid the COVID-19 crisis. The US government allocated $349 billion to the program, but many small businesses were denied after larger players received […]

We’ll Be Your Guide To Customer Journeys At CX North America

Mary Pilecki April 10, 2020
Discover how to orchestrate excellent customer journeys across an increasingly complex system of touchpoints at Forrester's CX North America. Here's a sneak peek of our customer journey sessions.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins February 18, 2020
The Demise Of The Cookie Is Only One Crumb Of The Data Deprecation Issue When marketer inquiries began to flood after Google’s announcement that it will phase out third-party cookie support by 2022, we had to share some bad news: There isn’t a simple solution. Data deprecation is a much bigger trend that is changing how marketers work. As privacy regulations, browser restrictions, and walled gardens constrict the availability of consumer data, advertisers, publishers, and providers are all looking for beyond-the-cookie strategies […]

Marketers, Make CX Your Valentine This Year

Mary Pilecki February 10, 2020
Although flowers and chocolates won’t be enough to embrace customer experience (CX), prioritizing CX has never been more important in order to advance your firm’s marketing maturity.

Predictions 2019: Media — What’s On Tap?

Mary Pilecki November 7, 2018
Media Acquisition Growth Explodes By any standard, 2018 will be remembered as a blockbuster year for media. On June 14, 2018, AT&T completed its acquisition of Time Warner for $85.4 billion, despite an appeal by the Department of Justice. A week later, Disney won the battle against Comcast to acquire 21st Century Fox for $71.3 billion. These […]

Where To Invest Your Adtech And Martech Dollars

Mary Pilecki April 10, 2018
As a B2C marketer, do you know how you should spend your technology budget? Where should you invest and from which technologies should you divest? These questions can keep marketers up at night as they think about ways to provide contextually relevant experiences to their consumers. However, nearly two dozen Forrester colleagues and I just […]
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