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Best Practices For Effective Employee Engagement Surveys: Advice From Your Peers

Adele Sage October 2, 2018
Employee engagement surveys help employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) pros keep a pulse on how employees feel about the company and leadership, their jobs and career paths, tools and training, and their roles in delivering a great customer experience. Recently, we hosted a discussion where we brought together EX and CX leaders to […]

Announcing Forrester’s 2013 Outside In Award Winners

Adele Sage June 25, 2013
We just announced the winners of Forrester’s inaugural Outside In Awards at Forrester's Forum For Customer Experience Professionals East this afternoon. The awards recognize organizations that excel at the practices needed for planning, creating, and managing a great customer experience. We accepted nominations in six categories that align with the six customer experience disciplines in our […]

Hear From Outside In Award Winners At Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum On June 25

Adele Sage May 9, 2013
The nomination period has officially closed for the new Forrester Outside In Awards for customer experience excellence. The companies nominating themselves have done their hard work, and now it’s the judges’ turn to evaluate the submissions and pick the winners. We’ve been getting some questions about the Outside In Awards and what to expect on […]

Avoid The “All Listen And No Action” VoC Program Trap

Adele Sage April 12, 2013
Voice of the customer (VoC) data is alluring. Once you start to collect customer feedback, there's always something more you could be gathering. You think: What else can I learn? What else are customers saying and thinking? Where else are they saying it? You want to know more. But collecting the data — listening — isn't […]

Announcing Forrester’s Outside In Awards

Adele Sage March 29, 2013
We are pleased to announce that the nomination period has opened for a new Forrester award program: The Outside In Awards! Forrester’s Outside In Awards are inspired by our recent book on customer experience, Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. They recognize organizations that excel at the practices needed […]

Build VoC Support From The Top Down . . . And From The Bottom Up

Adele Sage March 15, 2013
There’s no question that executive support can make or break a voice of the customer (VoC) program. With an executive (or several) onboard, VoC teams can get the funding and tools that they need to succeed. And VoC leaders from Forrester’s 2012 Voice Of The Customer Awards almost unanimously gave others the advice to build […]

The Top 10 Pieces Of Advice From Voice Of The Customer Leaders

Adele Sage February 15, 2013
I was flipping through the 2012 Forrester Voice of the Customer Award nomination forms the other day, and I realized that I’ve been unwittingly holding on to an valuable resource — all the advice that we asked nominees to impart on other voice of the customer programs. The very last of the six questions on […]

Take Our Survey About Your Digital Experience Improvement Projects Planned For 2013

Adele Sage February 7, 2013
It’s time again for our annual survey about all of the digital customer experience improvements, redesigns, and new digital experiences you’re working on this year. Please consider taking the survey, where we’ll ask you about: What projects, if any, you have planned for this year. Details about those projects, like budgets, staffing, and research tools. […]

Surveys Are Here To Stay

Adele Sage January 25, 2013
By Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian and Adele Sage  Allow us to paint a vision of the future for you: After interactions with your favorite companies, no one asks you how you liked those interactions. Your email inbox contains no requests for a few minutes of your time. No one asks you to wait on the phone line to answer a […]

A Cure For Customers’ Survey Fatigue

Adele Sage November 9, 2012
You just bought something at your favorite store. You walk out with a skip in your step thinking about when you might wear this new purchase. You give into your compulsion to check your email on your smartphone, and there, waiting for you, is a survey from that very company asking about your experience. You […]

Your Customers Are Complaining. Do Something About It

Adele Sage October 28, 2012
I'm about to start a gut renovation of my kitchen, which, of course, is an incredibly stressful — not to mention expensive — project. For cabinets, we got a recommendation for a designer at a local cabinet store. We met with her, got some great ideas, and went home to wait for the quote. After […]

Voice Of The Customer Programs Don’t Deliver Enough Value

Adele Sage September 28, 2012
Many of the conversations I have with clients about voice of the customer (VoC) programs center on ways the programs can improve and best practices they can adopt. What I think is really underlying these discussions, though, is the question, "How does my program compare with all the others that are out there?" Or, more […]

Announcing Forrester’s 2012 Voice Of The Customer Award Winners

Adele Sage June 26, 2012
We just announced the winners of Forrester’s 2012 Voice Of The Customer Awards (VoC) at our Customer Experience Forum this afternoon. We received roughly 40 nominations, and yet again, we were incredibly impressed with the breadth and depth of the submissions. We broadened our scope, too: For the first time, we accepted nominations from around the […]

Countdown: T Minus Two Weeks Until The VoC Award Winners Announcement!

Adele Sage June 12, 2012
Where will you be at 5:20 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26th? I know where I’ll be: announcing the winners of Forrester’s annual Voice Of The Customer Awards at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum in NYC! We’ve read through the incredible submissions, graded them, picked our finalists, and picked our winners. And I’ve been busy for the […]

Voice Of The Customer Awards 2012 — Deadline Extended To Friday, April 6th!

Adele Sage March 29, 2012
Good news for those of you requesting extensions: We heard you, and we're extending the deadline for Forrester's Voice Of The Customer Award submissions to Friday, April 6th at 5:00 p.m. ET. While I have you, here are answers to some of the questions I've been getting about the awards: I'm a vendor. Can I […]

Lessons Learned From 1,500 Website User Experience Reviews

Adele Sage March 15, 2012
After more than 12 years of evaluating website user experience, Forrester reached a major milestone — completing 1,500 Website User Experience Reviews. That's more than 100 reviews per year or more than 10 per month. Whew! We've been busy. These reviews (using an expert/scenario/heuristic review methodology) span B2C and B2B sites, intranets, and employee portals […]

Forrester’s Voice Of The Customer Awards 2012 — Nomination Period Begins March 5th

Adele Sage February 21, 2012
It’s that time of year again. We’re already in the midst of planning our annual Customer Experience Forum, and now we’re gearing up to collect and evaluate nominations for our Voice Of The Customer Awards — which we’ll present at the Forum. If you’re new to the awards, here’s some background: Forrester's annual Voice Of […]

Smartphone To Call Center Agent: Seize The Cross-Channel Opportunity

Adele Sage September 13, 2011
In the US alone, Forrester is forecasting nearly 100 million smartphones by the end of 2011. And digital customer experience professionals are meeting the new mobile demand by creating or redesigning mobile experiences: 34 of the 48 customer experience professionals we surveyed at the end of last year said that they’re planning major mobile design […]

When A Customer Experience Ecosystem Fails

Adele Sage August 18, 2011
Oh, look what came in the mail yesterday: The order I tried desperately to cancel last week. But, no, UPS dropped it off, and the packing slip said nicely, “Thank you for your order! We are committed to ensure [sic] your experience exceeds your expectations.” Well, you failed. Let me start from the beginning. You […]

US Consumers Aren’t Satisfied With Web-Store Shopping

Adele Sage May 18, 2010
Forrester surveyed US consumers about their satisfaction with Web-to-store and store-to-Web transitions in three retail segments — apparel/accessories/footwear, consumer electronics, and wireless phones and service. The results: Satisfaction with both Web-to-store and store-to-Web shopping is low. Consumer electronics: 66% satisfied with Web-to-store shopping, and 55% satisfied with store-to-Web shopping. Apparel/footwear/accessories: 60% satisfied with Web-to-store shopping, […]
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