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The WIIFM (“What’s In It For Me?”) Of Revenue Operations

Anne Slough June 23, 2023
We interviewed a variety of sales, marketing, and revenue operations leaders to understand why revenue operations has grown dramatically in recent years and what assumptions leaders make about establishing a revenue operations function. Here's what they told us.

Not All Alignment Is Equal: Achieve Alignment That Drives Growth

Dave Frankland May 31, 2023
Successful alignment is less about process and more about calibrating buyer value. Learn about the five dimensions that top organizations align on — and learn more at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America.

Digital Sales Rooms: Hype Or Reality?

Anne Slough May 4, 2023
Like other business innovations, digital sales rooms are not a magic wand. Learn what’s needed to capture the biggest benefits — and learn more at B2B Summit North America.

It’s The 53rd Earth Day, And What Has Sales Done?

Anne Slough April 21, 2023
Learn six meaningful ways that the sales organization can contribute to sustainability efforts at your organization today.

Navigating The Economic Headwinds Of 2023

Anne Slough February 21, 2023
The inability to sell in person during the pandemic gave rise to the perception that we needed more meetings and emails — taking away from direct selling time. As we’ve moved past the pandemic, learn what our data is telling us about where sales reps are spending their time now.

What’s Next For Sales Intelligence Solutions?

Anne Slough December 20, 2022
(Part two of a two-part series) Sales intelligence, in concept and in practice, has experienced a significant evolution (see part one of this blog series). Today’s sales intelligence providers give insight into buyer behaviors and provide data to salespeople. This helps sales professionals identify, analyze, present, and utilize data to increase win rates for acquisition, […]

Account-Based Selling Technologies: What You Need To Know

Anne Slough December 14, 2022
(Part one of a two-part series) Effective and actionable key/strategic account plans are an elusive quest for many sales organizations. Throughout my 30-year sales career, I’ve pursued this quest as both a rep and a sales leader. Still, it remains one of the more challenging sales issues I’ve faced. The good news is that help […]

How Sales Can Make Your Sustainability Sustainable

Anne Slough April 22, 2022
The concept of “sustainability,” as we know it today, was first introduced in 1987 in the famous Brundtland (for Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland) Report produced by several countries for the UN. The report defined sustainable development as meeting “the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” […]

Portfolio Marketing And Sales Operations: A Dynamic Duo!

Anne Slough March 21, 2022
In the 1950s, Dr. Lawrence Weed realized the inefficiency and inherent danger embedded within paper-based medical records. Paper-based medical records were a manual process that did not allow for or encourage a collaborative or holistic intake or diagnosis process, and thus, the electronic medical record (EMR) was born. EMRs allow for collaboration between all stakeholders […]

Forrester’s Q1 2022 Sales Operations Pulse Survey Results

Anne Slough March 17, 2022
Looking to fine-tune your sales operations? Get eight key takeaways from Forrester’s Q1 2022 Sales Operations pulse survey.

What The US Infrastructure Bill Means To You

Renee Murphy November 10, 2021
After months of negotiations in Congress, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is about to become law. This new law will address specifics such as climate change, sustainability, and cybersecurity that all have specific requirements which, in turn, will drive your policy and regulation in the future. If you do business with the US federal […]

How Many Sales Processes Do You Need? Making The Case For One Sales Process Across The Organization

Anne Slough October 18, 2021
On October 1, 1990, The Human Genome Project (HGP) was begun and was completed in April of 2003. The HGP gave the world the ability, for the first time, to read nature’s complete genetic blueprint for building a human being. As it turns out, the genetic similarity between a human and a human is 99.9%. […]

Conversational Interactions And AI: Enhancing The Digital Buying Experience And Closing Gaps In Your Sales Process

Anne Slough July 1, 2021
Organizations that fail to meet buyers’ expectations for personalized omnichannel communications risk losing market share to competitors that do.

Sales Operations As Switzerland: How Sales Leaders Can Avoid The Politics Of Territory Design

Anne Slough April 12, 2021
Territory design and the subsequent application and management of those plans is fraught with opportunities for distortion by human intervention. In her latest blog post, Anne Slough discusses the critical role that sales operations plays to maintain equity in the territory design process.

Why The Tech-Enhanced Sales Rep Will Be Your Differentiator

Anne Slough April 6, 2021
Learn how dynamic guided selling gives sales teams a competitive edge — and join us at this year's B2B Summit to go deeper.

New To You Doesn’t Mean New: How Sales Tech Providers Have Reinvented Their Solutions

Anne Slough February 9, 2021
The intertwinement of revenue intelligence, revenue operations, and sales engagement platforms has become a powerful potion. These technologies have been repurposed, retooled, reinvented, and repositioned to equip sales operations for transition from a cost center to a profit center.

AI And The Sales Rep: Where Does The Machine Stop And The Human Begin?

Anne Slough December 18, 2020
With good data, AI can continue to learn and evolve, and by doing so, enable sales reps to focus on what they do best.

Deciding When And What To Transition For Your Organization’s Digital Transformation

Anne Slough November 11, 2020
When thinking about implementing a digital transformation, there are things sales leaders must consider to align and compensate the organization’s sales resources with the shift. Forrester analyst Anne Slough shares how a digital transformation impacts the sales team’s success.

I See You! How Technology Increases Customer Transparency and Lifetime Value

Anne Slough September 10, 2020
Customer insights that organizations are able to glean, via technology, have continued to increase customer relationship transparency. These insights equip sales operations teams with the data needed to automate administrative activities. The resulting transparency arms sales operations and reps with a competitive advantage.

You’ve Got My Attention — Now What? Providing High-Impact Predictive Content to Increase Sales Velocity

Anne Slough August 11, 2020
  • High-impact predictive content is changing the way in which sales operations can influence the sales process
  • Sales operations analysis should reveal which content is working best and at which stage of the sales cycle
  • These insights will allow sales operations to take a more proactive approach to addressing gaps in performance and process
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