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Has Digital Advertising Reached Maturity In The US?

Cindy Liu April 4, 2024
Spending on digital advertising in the US is forecasted to settle into a period of moderate growth. Find out why in this report preview.

Global Martech Spending Will Reach $148 Billion In 2024

Cindy Liu January 17, 2024
Marketing technology (martech) is the engine that powers marketing strategies. It encompasses tools and solutions to execute, automate, and optimize marketing efforts. Investment in martech has become a priority in recent years as companies seek to engage with their customers more effectively and improve marketing performance. In our first Global Martech Software Forecast, 2023 To […]

US Top 10 Retailers: Total And E-Commerce Sales In 2022

Jitender Miglani December 20, 2023
Take a look at the top 10 US retailers in 2022 based on total retail sales and e-commerce sales.

Five Ways That Retailers Battle Slowing Sales Growth And Tightening Margins

Cindy Liu September 14, 2023
Retail sales growth in the US has been gradually decelerating, and retailers are feeling the squeeze. In our newly published report, 2023 Retail Competition Tracker, US, we examine offline and online sales growth at 65 leading US retailers and take a close look at tactics to improve profitability. We found that over three-quarters of these […]