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Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, And JPMC’s Haven Disbands — What That Means For Healthcare Companies

Judy Weader January 6, 2021
Some may be breathing a sigh of relief — but this is a temporary reprieve. Healthcare organizations and employers must act now to innovate and rethink the way they deliver healthcare services and coverage.

Amazon Launches Pharmacy Offering, Furthering Its Strategy To Make Healthcare Shoppable And Convenient For Consumers

Arielle Trzcinski November 19, 2020
The Amazon Effect Comes Full Swing To Prescription Services Amazon Pharmacy, the company’s much-anticipated online prescription fulfillment service (built from its acquisition of PillPack two years prior), launched this week. With this announcement (and its past healthcare investments), Amazon becomes a direct competitor with legacy retail pharmacies CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and others. In […]

Predictions 2021: Digital Goes Mainstream As The New Normal Sets In For Healthcare

Arielle Trzcinski October 20, 2020
The forced digital transformation of 2020 was just the beginning for the healthcare industry. In 2021, transformation — and not just digital — will continue on a grander scale.

The Alliances Between Public Cloud And EHR Providers Will Totally Upend Your Digital Transformation Plans

Jeff Becker September 29, 2020
Microsoft announced a new strategic alliance with Epic Systems that will bring providers using Epic an integrated Teams experience within their electronic health record (EHR) clinical workflows. In a Forrester-HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) April-May survey of health system IT workers, respondents said that poor integration between virtual visit solutions and EHR workflows was the most […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins September 1, 2020
Amazon Launches Halo, Its First Wearable Health Device For The Average (Budget-Conscious) Consumer This week, Amazon launched Halo, a screenless wearable device that can monitor activity, sleep, temperature, BMI, and emotion. At $99.99 (plus a small monthly service fee for advanced features), the Halo Band sits closer to Fitbit’s fitness trackers (ranging from $99.95–$169.95) than the Apple Watch ($400-plus). It focuses on what consumers want most: tracking fitness-related activity, […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins July 20, 2020
The EU-US Privacy Shield Was Just Invalidated: What To Do Now This week, the Court of Justice of the European Union handed down its ruling in the case popularly known as “Schrems II.” Why should you care about an obscure EU case? Because the ruling invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield, the mechanism by which American companies could […]
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Ensure The Proper Return-To-Work Strategies And Technologies For Your Organization Amid The Pandemic’s Unpredictable Risk

Jeff Becker July 20, 2020
In a pandemic, every business becomes a healthcare business. Learn what technologies and strategies firms are using to manage through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walmart Doubles Down On ‘Save Money. Live Better.’ As It Wants To Help You Shop For Your Next Health Insurance Plan

Arielle Trzcinski July 13, 2020
Recently, Walmart quietly launched Walmart Insurance Services LLC. To better understand and triangulate what this move means for the future of healthcare, a team of Forrester analysts weighed in. Read their takes.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins June 1, 2020
Brands Pledge To Stand With The Black Community In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, citizens are taking to the streets to protest institutionalized racism. Brands are speaking out, too, because, as Netflix tweeted, “To be silent is to be complicit.” Netflix joins brands such as Google, Nike, Peloton, and Target (whose stores were looted) in taking a vocal anti-racist stance. Firms hear consumers’ desire to align with brands that share their values and are emboldened to make […]

The Promise And Peril Of Apple And Google’s Alliance

Julie Ask April 14, 2020
The new contact tracing partnership provides both optimism and challenges in the fight against COVID-19. Find out how the tracking will work and what its limitations may be.

The Doctor-Patient Relationship Must Be The Cornerstone Of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Jeff Becker March 17, 2020
Senior Analyst Jeff Becker provides early results from the joint Forrester-HIMSS survey on healthcare organizational culture, patient satisfaction, and physician burnout.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins March 16, 2020
Pandemic Forces Agencies To Rethink Employee Experience A slew of industry event cancellations and delays — such as the live network upfronts, Advertising Week Europe, or the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity — is forcing marketers and their agencies to rethink how to best work during a pandemic. With most agency holding companies deferring travel and […]

Hockey Stick Adoption Of Virtual Care Is Nigh As The Government Pushes Toward More COVID-19 Resources For Citizens

Arielle Trzcinski March 16, 2020
Teleheath is on the cusp of mass adoption as the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies. The move will usher in longer-term change for healthcare and the ecosystems surrounding it.

Your Employees Need More Healthcare Options During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Arielle Trzcinski March 13, 2020
As the number of COVID-19 cases surge in the US there is a looming threat facing the US — healthcare capacity. Given this stark reality senior executives at companies, must make swift decisions to protect their employees, their communities, and even the US healthcare system.

Healthcare Organizations Must Future-Proof Revenue Strategies By Embracing Value-Based Care

Jeff Becker November 6, 2019
Organizations that stick with fee-for-service models risk being left behind. Learn how to succeed with value-based strategies.

Predictions 2020: Medicare, Price Transparency, And Virtual Care Take Center Stage In Healthcare

Jeff Becker November 5, 2019
With more volatility expected in 2020, read Forrester's predictions for the US healthcare market, focusing on Medicare For All, the executive order on price transparency, and the growth of virtual care.

Google’s Acquisition Of Fitbit Makes Sense For Both Companies — And The Wider Healthcare World

Jeff Becker November 1, 2019
Author(s): Julie A. Ask, Frank E. Gillett, and Jeff Becker Google has announced that it will acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion. This acquisition will improve Google’s health and wellness offerings and makes it more competitive. Forrester forecasts that smartwatch sales will surpass those of fitness trackers in 2020, with Apple Watch being the market leader. […]

Use The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Health Clouds, Q3 2019 To Guide Your Health Cloud Selection

Jeff Becker September 30, 2019
Learn the three questions every health system should ask a public cloud vendor before making the jump. 

How To Incorporate AI Into Your 2020 Healthcare Strategy

Jeff Becker September 10, 2019
More than half of healthcare purchase influencers are planning new investments in AI next year. Senior analysts Arielle Trzcinski and Jeff Becker discuss how healthcare organizations can get the most tangible results from their AI investments.

Upcoming Price Transparency Laws Will Impact Healthcare: Get Ahead With These Three Steps

Jeff Becker July 24, 2019
Price transparency has come to the fore. In January of this year, hospitals started being required to publish what were once closely guarded pricing lists to the public. This has caused confusion for consumers. Fast-forward to later this year, and the White House issued a new executive order on price transparency. Hospitals will soon be […]
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