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Putting The Revenue In Marketing Technology

Malachi Threadgill January 24, 2023
As B2B marketing continues to evolve, addressing shifts in buyer behavior has become a top priority for marketing leaders. These shifts, driven by the proliferation of data, include the rise of buying groups and the preference for self-guided, anonymous, or pseudonymous buying journeys. After working closely with our practitioner and tech service provider clients and […]

How ABM Technology Is Evolving The Modern Marketing Landscape

Malachi Threadgill April 1, 2022
The landscape for Account Based Marketing (ABM) continues to evolve and mature, but what does it mean to do ABM? For some organizations, it is a subset of the business that focuses on a select few accounts, for others it is a set of tactics driven by tools and technologies.

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas … We Share The Seven Must-Dos For Buying Groups

Malachi Threadgill December 16, 2020
It’s time for a holiday miracle! In his latest blog post for Forrester, Malachi Threadgill shares advice on how to align sales and marketing with the seven must-dos for B2B buying groups.

Lead-Based Measurement Is Older Than The Smartphone: It’s Time To Update How We Measure Marketing Impact

Malachi Threadgill September 23, 2020
Setting up buying groups to operationalize the Demand Unit Waterfall™ is easier than you think, and you probably already have the systems you need.