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To Build A Better Marketing Plan, Revisit Your Approach To Planning

Marcia Trask September 2, 2021
Static annual plans often collect dust on a shelf. Leaning into the planning process can help you build a more dynamic and effective marketing plan that drives forward the objectives of the business.
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Clairvoyance Should Not Be Required For Revenue Planning

Marcia Trask April 15, 2021
Marketing, sales, and customer engagement leaders need a structured, facts-based approach to achieving revenue and growth goals. Learn what that requires.
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Une Organisation Marketing Agile : Qui En Profite ?

Marcia Trask December 9, 2020
Il n'y a pas de mystère quant à savoir qui bénéficie de l'adoption du marketing agile. C’est un bénéfice pour…tous ! En savoir plus.
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Agile Marketing: Cui Bono?

Marcia Trask December 9, 2020
There’s no mystery as to who benefits from agile marketing adoption. Marcia Trask shows that the lineup of beneficiaries includes marketing teams, leadership, internal stakeholders, and external customers.
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Process in a Time of Crisis

Marcia Trask June 24, 2020
  • In the “people/process/technology” triangle method of issue resolution, process is the underutilized approach  
  • Automating processes, conducting process audits and adopting agile methodologies can drive effectiveness in times of crisis
  • Process improvements are a low- to no-cost approach for greater efficiency in uncertain times
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Five Tips for Building a Better CMO Dashboard

Marcia Trask September 26, 2017
  • CMOs need relevant and timely marketing performance updates for effective decisionmaking and planning
  • From the beginning, CMO dashboards should be designed with the audience and their information needs in mind
  • Effective dashboards tell a logical story, as measurement results are not always intuitive or readily actionable
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Eight Steps for Navigating Technology Procurement

Marcia Trask July 12, 2017
  • Getting approval to purchase new technology is just the beginning of an often-complex procurement process
  • A successful procurement process includes clear business requirements, a vendor short list and a structured RFP review
  • Expedite results by building internal stakeholder relationships and communicating proactively throughout the process
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Technology User Adoption – The Winning Approach

Marcia Trask May 3, 2017
  • User adoption is crucial to technology implementation, but can take time to achieve
  • Vendor training is the beginning, not the end, of the user adoption process
  • Understand user roles, prioritize role-based training and provide ongoing support
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The Top Five Marketing Skill Sets for 2017

Marcia Trask March 6, 2017
  • Marketing skills have become an increasingly urgent topic for B2B CMOs.
  • Marketing leaders are faced with a growing skills gap fueled by sweeping organizational and technological changes affecting the marketing function.
  • The data from SiriusDecisions’ 2016 global CMO study is clear – an overwhelming majority of CMOs plan to acquire, revise or enhance the skill sets within their marketing function over the next two years.
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DIY Tech Options for Marketing Enablement

Marcia Trask December 12, 2016
  • Marketing enablement is an emerging function that systematically equips marketing staff with the competencies to succeed in their job roles
  • Marketing enablement functions are challenged by the lack of dedicated technology solutions to support their efforts
  • Savvy leaders use a DIY approach to leverage existing technology to address their marketing enablement needs
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Conversations With CMOs – What’s Top of Mind?

Marcia Trask October 21, 2016
  • Regardless of company size or industry, the majority of B2B CMOs are focused on the same short list of key topics
  • Account-based marketing (ABM), brand strategy, change management, organizational design, planning and technology are currently top of mind
  • Marketing professionals can leverage a variety of resources to support CMO initiatives in these areas
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Marketing Operations: Trending Topics

Marcia Trask August 18, 2016
  • Defining and effectively measuring marketing influenced pipeline is top of mind for operations practitioners
  • Developing and executing impactful buyer needs-based campaigns remains an important issue
  • There continue to be questions on organization structure and alignment between sales and marketing operations
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Maximize Your MRM Implementation

Marcia Trask June 15, 2016
  • Successful MRM implementations address pre- and post-implementation workstreams in addition to technology selection
  • Workstreams include requirements gathering, relationship building, implementation prep, training, user adoption and system support
  • Leverage cross-functional working teams and a proactive communications plan to ensure project success
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How to Pick the Right MRM Solution

Marcia Trask April 21, 2016
  • The explosion of new marketing resource management (MRM) solution offerings gives marketers many choices – and a need for structured decisionmaking
  • First define requirements in the four areas of MRM functionality: planning/budgeting, project management, asset management and communications
  • Evaluate build vs. buy and suite vs. pure-play considerations to develop a focused list of MRM solutions to meet requirements
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What Companies Really Think About Their Marketing Skills Gaps

Marcia Trask February 24, 2016
  • B2B organizations can come together in shared experiences of marketing competency development and marketing enablement
  • While it’s important to train marketers to use new tools, it’s vital that they understand foundational marketing skills
  • Keep in mind that marketing managers need enablement, too
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Building a Better Marketing Plan

Marcia Trask October 29, 2015
  • One of the questions we are frequently asked is “What makes a good marketing plan?”
  • To sort out the confusion around building a good marketing plan, it’s important to separate the inputs from the outputs
  • Inputs into the marketing plan can be grouped into three categories
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X Marks the Spot: Competency Maps Lead to Marketing Skills Treasure

Marcia Trask August 28, 2015
  • Discover benefits that.competency mapping can bring to a B2B marketing organization
  • B2B marketing teams are grappling with a significant level of change that is fueling a growing skills gap
  • Creating a list of core competencies, and aligning them to marketing functions, allows leaders to build focused competency maps
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Six Campaign Questions that Marketing Must Answer

Marcia Trask June 18, 2015
  • As marketing organizations adopt an integrated campaign approach, there’s often a struggle to create buyer-centric campaigns
  • We’ve created a list of six fundamental campaign planning questions that we challenge you to answer
  • The SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework assists with marketing planning and execution to align the overall organization to business goals
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Spelunking in the Marketing Skills Gap

Marcia Trask March 19, 2015
  • B2B marketing has changed dramatically due to technology shifts, the popularity of data and analytics, and empowered buyers
  • The gap between what marketers used to do and what they must do now is getting wider
  • Many skills fall into the categories of messaging, content strategy, technology and analytics
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Doubled Investment, More Technology and Greater Responsibilities: Happy Anniversary, Marketing Operations!

Marcia Trask February 2, 2015
  • The need for marketing operations has increased because of changes in the buying process, marketing technology, and buyer and customer data
  • Current marketing operations staffing levels vary based size but range from 4 to 5 percent of total marketing staff
  • To support the needs of stakeholders, marketing operations’ range of responsibilities is extensive and diverse
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