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Achieve High Performance By Learning From Elite Sports Leaders

Phil Brunkard January 12, 2022
Elite sports leader create a vision, set a strategy, and recruit the right people for the team’s success. Other parallels with business leaders can also be instructive.

The Types Of Stories Leaders Should Tell

Phil Brunkard January 11, 2022
Strengthen Your Leadership With Storytelling To lead in a world of complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, tech executives must invoke emotions in others — which is why many leaders rely on one of our oldest communication techniques: storytelling. Tech leaders can tell stories for a variety of reasons, such as to explain a strategy, show how […]

Be A Great Storytelling Leader

Phil Brunkard January 4, 2022
(Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash) “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” (Steve Jobs, when he was CEO of Pixar in 1994) The Communication And Engagement Challenge — Emotions Before Logic As business leaders, tech executives face […]

Three Leadership Stories You Should Tell

Phil Brunkard December 13, 2021
Learn how you can drive innovation success by creating an emotional connection to your stated vision and purpose.

Leadership And Innovation — Learning From The Triumph And Tragedies Of The New Space Race

Phil Brunkard November 22, 2021
Get an insightful look at the innovation lessons technology executives can learn from the new commercial space race.

Crisis-Driven Innovation Demands Creativity And Action Under Pressure

Phil Brunkard September 23, 2021
Get five tips on how to incorporate crisis-driven innovation principles into your innovation competencies and practices.

Stop Firefighting — Learn From Firefighters On How To Deal With Crises

Phil Brunkard August 24, 2021
The Firefighting Dichotomy When problems or crises arise in a business context, we often hear leaders refer to how busy their teams are firefighting. This paints a picture of chaos in the workplace, with overworked and stressed-out teams running from problem to problem, not addressing an issue before they are interrupted by the next predicament. […]

The Space Wide Web Is Ready To Launch

Phil Brunkard July 12, 2021
The Space Tech Industry Is Looking Up The new space race is truly underway following Richard Branson’s monumental first passenger trip to space, beating Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin passenger flight by more than a week. The Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity spacecraft did not pass the so-called Karman line, unlike Jeff Bezos’ plans. It did, however, […]

Future Fit Tech Leaders Must Make Sustainability A Top Priority

Phil Brunkard April 22, 2021
Earth Day 2021: A Small Change Makes A Big Difference Ahead of Earth Day 2021, I recently watched the excellent David Attenborough documentary “The Year Earth Changed.” The most encouraging message is that even a small change in our habits can make a big difference to our planet. Within the first weeks of lockdown, with […]

Future Fit Technology Strategy — Learning From Amazon

Phil Brunkard April 14, 2021
The Future Fit Challenge Applies Today, Not Just Tomorrow CIOs and technology leaders have a core objective to develop and improve the technology foundations and innovation their firms need to win, serve, and retain customers. They must also enable their employees with the capabilities to achieve this customer obsession in an efficient and effective way. […]

Don’t Let A Crisis Waste Innovation Opportunity

Phil Brunkard April 7, 2021
Crisis-Driven Innovation — A Wake-Up Call There is nothing like a crisis to fuel innovation. In a crisis, people and businesses can behave in extraordinary ways. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, innovation and invention jumped to the fore as industries pivoted. Distillers and brewers repurposed alcohol for hand sanitizers, and engineering companies made ventilators. […]

Saisissez L’Occasion De Devenir Un “Future Fit” Leader

Phil Brunkard February 25, 2021
Face aux menaces à court et à long terme, les dirigeants informatiques et Tech Leaders ont besoin d’une vision claire et de stratégies hautement adaptatives. Découvrez ce qu’être un "Future Fit" leader requiert.

Seize The Moment To Become A Future Fit Tech Leader

Phil Brunkard February 25, 2021
In the face of near- and long-term threats, tech leaders need a clear vision and highly adaptive strategies. Learn what future readiness will require.