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Siemens Energy: Seizing Opportunity With A Clear, Aligned Marketing Strategy

Susan Macke September 9, 2021
As a new spin-off company, Siemens Energy needed to align priorities across product, marketing, and sales to achieve its ambitious goals. Learn how working with Forrester helped them lay a foundation for success.
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To Formulate Marketing Strategy, Understand Your Business Context

Susan Macke June 17, 2021
B2B marketing strategy development isn't a one-size-fits-all process. To build a marketing strategy that drives business growth, understand these six factors.
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What Does a Center of Excellence Look Like?

Susan Macke January 10, 2019
  • Many CMOs plan to establish centers of excellence (COEs) but are often confused about the definition of a COE
  • A COE that’s correctly set up and managed can drive operational excellence
  • A COE doesn’t last forever – it often becomes a new sub-function or team
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