“Follow the yellow brick road!” Silly Dorothy. She had it so easy. Dorothy had a magical guide that popped up when she needed help the most. For many executives getting started with forming a data team and an insights strategy, the road forward is not so clear. Executives find themselves bewildered and disoriented in a strange land, wondering how to get started.

Lucky for you, I happened to have played a fairy godmother in 1997, and our business insights team at Forrester is nothing short of magical — so let’s help you get started … *cracks knuckles*

Glinda helped Dorothy step into the (cute!) shoes of a powerful figure who was crushed by the weight of an issue that she didn’t see coming. Sound familiar? It should. We’ve been talking to many clients who are new to roles in data and analytics. These executives, of all shapes, sizes, and industries, are challenged with tackling a tornado of technical debt and insights challenges that have been growing for decades.

Amidst These Wicked Challenges, The Biggest Question Is: “Where Do I Start?”

Forrester data indicates that, armed with useful data and insights, business decision-makers in an advanced insights-driven business are 1.7 times more likely to grow revenue, 1.7 times more likely to reduce costs, and 2.4 times more likely to expand companywide data literacy. But where do you get started if you’re early in your journey?

In my latest report, Maximize Curiosity Velocity To Improve Your Data Culture, I explain why curiosity velocity is the first step on your “yellow brick road.” Curiosity velocity is the speed by which a user moves from knowledge-seeker to insights to action. It’s how users get to actionable insights faster.

Learning About The Road To Being Insights-Driven Is Different Than Walking It

You betcha. That’s why, in my latest report, Maximize Curiosity Velocity To Improve Your Data Culture, I also outline five uncomfortable questions that leaders must face to identify internal content and communication vulnerabilities (*gasp*) that must be handled before you can achieve your dream of an insights-driven utopia — a utopia where everyone has access to the right data, at the right time, to perform the next best action. Without discovering and facing your current internal vulnerabilities, you will not be able to achieve the degree of innovation that your organization will need to stay relevant and profitable in the years to come.

Now What?

Join me for a fun and educational complementary webinar on April 26, 1–1:40 p.m. EST, where we will outline the five uncomfortable questions and show you the start of your own “yellow brick road.”