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Predictions 2022: As Digitization Accelerates, Lack Of Equity, Labor, And Trust Will Plague Healthcare

Natalie Schibell November 1, 2021


Key Takeaways From Forrester’s Customer Service Executive Roundtable On Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Ian Jacobs June 12, 2020
Twenty-two customer service executives shared their victories and challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. Read key takeaways from this conversation about customer service during COVID-19.

Design A Customer Feedback Strategy That Doesn’t Annoy Customers

Kara Hoisington April 19, 2016
Asking customers for feedback is one of the most direct ways to understand their experiences and needs across touchpoints. However, we’ve all experienced an organization’s attempt to execute this . . . usually poorly. Surveys are too long. Callbacks are interruptive. What are they going to do with my feedback anyway? Combatting these types of […]

Part 2: What Do I Do With My Data?

Kara Hoisington July 16, 2015
Kara Hoisington in an Associate Consultant in Forrester's Customer Experience Consulting practice.  Organizational Alignment Is Key To Data Sanity During the first part of this series, I talked about how clients are constantly asking us what to do with their data and how they usually go right to “what technology do I need to solve […]

What Do I Do With My Data?

Kara Hoisington June 16, 2015
Part One: Don't Use A Technology Band-Aid  While kicking off a project last October, a client showed us slide after slide of reports, architectures, and data flows. Overwhelmed by information, the client looked at us and asked — what do I do with all this data? It's a plea for help I have heard on […]