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Were Our Predictions For 2023 Correct?

Sharyn Leaver September 20, 2023
We made bold calls for 2023. Did they come true? Discover the accuracy of Forrester's Predictions 2023. And get a first peek at what we'll cover in our 2024 predictions.

The State Of Business Buying, 2023: Product Experts Gain Influence Amid Financial Constraints

Amy Hayes 20 hours ago
Product experts have gained influence with B2B buyers as they face financial constraints. Explore key insights from Forrester’s latest Buyers’ Journey Survey.

Managing The Privacy Risks Of Generative AI

What It Means 5 days ago
Nervous about the privacy implications of your latest generative AI pilots? In this episode, Principal Analyst Enza Iannopollo shares some insights and mistakes to avoid.

Separate Generative AI Fact From Fiction

Want to realize the true potential of generative AI? Discover what it can (and can't) do for you. Explore our generative AI insights to guide your journey and your choices.


How Will Generative AI Change B2B Marketing?

What It Means September 21, 2023
For all the FOMO that generative AI has inspired among B2B marketers, many aren’t sure where to start with it. Principal Analyst Lisa Gately shares her insights this week on What It Means.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: The Role Of Trust In Insurance Fraud

Ellen Carney September 20, 2023
Fighting insurance fraud is only feasible with synergies among the people, process, and technology domains. Find out more in this preview of our upcoming Security & Risk event.

Were Our Predictions For 2023 Correct?

Sharyn Leaver September 20, 2023
We made bold calls for 2023. Did they come true? Discover the accuracy of Forrester's Predictions 2023. And get a first peek at what we'll cover in our 2024 predictions.

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Introducing the inaugural Forrester IT Sustainability Services Landscape, Q2 2023 and The Forrester Wave™: IT Sustainability Service Providers, Q3 2023

Abhijit Sunil 12 hours ago
Photo by Abhinav Sunil Forrester’s state of IT sustainability 2023 survey and report highlighted the growing importance decarbonizing IT and the reducing the environmental impact of IT in various industries. In certain industries such as financial services, IT has an outsized contribution to overall corporate scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions. The demand […]

The Retail Race In Healthcare Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Arielle Trzcinski 13 hours ago
This week, Costco joined the list of retailers looking to capture the hearts and minds of consumers who are frustrated with their healthcare experience. Costco announced a partnership with Sesame, a healthcare marketplace that connects consumers with clinicians across 50 states. Today, Sesame offers both a one-time visit model and a subscription model known as […]

Spark An Innovation Culture With Design Thinking

Learn how CX leaders can use design thinking to create a culture of innovation and differentiate on superior CX action that anticipates and delivers on customers’ needs.

Where Should You Start Your Retail IoT Journey?

Michele Pelino 19 hours ago
From data implications to the myriad of use cases, IoT can be somewhat daunting for retail companies. Get some guidance on where to begin with IoT in this post.

Secure Our World All Year Long

Joseph Blankenship 19 hours ago
We have a national day or month for just about everything. Some of my personal favorites include National IPA Day (first Thursday in August), National Waffle Day (August 24), National Rescue Dog Day (May 20), and National Insider Threat Awareness Month (September). Following along those lines, October (as you likely know) is Cybersecurity Awareness Month […]

Forrester’s GenAI Hack-A-Thon: Turning Hype Into Reality

Elizabeth Cullen 21 hours ago
At the recent Technology and Innovation Forum, Forrester challenged attendees to use GenAI tools to prepare for a high stakes presentation. Find out how it went in this post.

The CISO And CIO Microsoft Security Dilemma: Fend Off Or Learn To Love?

Jeff Pollard 5 days ago
Should CISOs fend off Microsoft to keep their preferred products or embrace consolidation? Find out in this blog.

Small Business Remains A Big Opportunity For Banks

Peter Wannemacher 5 days ago
Despite some of the market upheaval caused by inflation and other issues, SMBs remain a good opportunity for banks. Find out why.

Improv And Playbooks: Navigating The Unscripted World Of Modern Selling

Jennifer Bullock 5 days ago
I’m from Chicago, which is known for many things, particularly its rich history with improvisational theater. Improv is a form of theater performed unscripted and created spontaneously by the players on stage, often through an audience suggestion. As a theatergoer, I am amazed at how much knowledge the actors must have to create something from […]

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: We Promise It’s Not Clickbait!

Terry Flaherty 5 days ago
In this week’s Saying Goodbye To MQLs blog, we address some of the questions we’ve received while publishing this blog series.

Outcomes Drive Your Data Architecture Strategy

Michele Goetz 5 days ago
Learn the five architecture patterns that shape data use to achieve business outcomes in this post. 

CMOs And CIOs Are Navigating The Path To Sustainable Marketing Technology

Christina Schmitt 5 days ago
In a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, it’s no surprise that every aspect of business is being scrutinized for its impact on the planet. One aspect that often flies under the radar is marketing technology. The digital landscape we operate in demands ever more energy and resources, making it imperative for businesses to rethink […]

AI Pushes The Metaverse Into The Horizon At Meta Connect 2023

Mike Proulx 6 days ago
AI took center stage at Meta Connect 2023, while "the metaverse" remained chill. In its place, mixed reality is now the focus.

Should You Care About Developer Productivity?

Christopher Condo 6 days ago
Measuring individual developer productivity has its drawbacks. Get four key strategies to help your development teams succeed in this post.

ASIS GSX 2023: Physical Security Insights From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Brian Wrozek 6 days ago
Get five key takeaways from ASIS International's recent 2023 Global Security Exchange (GSX) event held in Dallas, Texas.

The Future Of Insurance: A Look At What Lies Ahead

Indranil Bandyopadhyay 6 days ago
Forrester analyzed past industry performance and top consumer, regulatory, competitive, and tech trends to help insurers succeed in the next decade.

Forrester Reviews And Scores Indian Mobile Banking Apps: What We Learned

Pushpa Marwal 6 days ago
India is emerging as a powerhouse in mobile banking adoption. According to Forrester’s Consumer Asia Pacific Survey, 2023, a staggering 87% of online Indian adults expressed their desire to do all their banking on a smartphone. This statistic marks the highest percentage among the countries surveyed in the Asia Pacific region. It also underscores the […]

Is Your Data Ready For AI?

Learn the 8 phases of shifting to an AI-first data strategy.  


Despite Economic Headwinds, Malaysian Banks Continue To Improve CX Quality

Tom Mouhsian 6 days ago
How customers perceive a brand influences how much they are willing to spend with the brand, whether they will recommend it to others, and how likely they are to forgive the brand’s missteps. Our annual Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) benchmarking study, which has been conducted in Malaysia since 2021, answers the question, “Which banks […]

At Its Innovation 2023 Event, Intel Is Focused On AI Developers

Brian Hopkins September 26, 2023
Get Forrester's key takeaways and unique insights from the recent Intel Innovation 2023 conference.

323: How To Connect With Stakeholders On CX

The CX Cast September 26, 2023
CX pros are used to focusing on the customer, often using tools like personas and workshops to create stellar customer experiences. This week, Forrester Senior Analyst Su Doyle makes the case for using those same strategies to prove CX value internally.
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