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How To Make The Business Case For PLM

Nate Fleming July 26, 2018
When business or technology executives ponder improving company results with digital transformation, it’s safe to say that investment in product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions isn’t the first thing that pops into their heads. Instead, they gravitate to IoT initiatives or improving customer experience. But what senior stakeholders often miss is that to enable many of […]

A Week In India: Three Lessons Learned

Nate Fleming May 14, 2018
I was lucky enough to spend a week in India earlier in the month and had some interesting conversations with services firms about how the expectations from their customers and the nature of their engagements are changing. Aside from experiencing the wonderful cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune and sampling delicious samosas and paneer dishes, I also managed to have some great conversations with Forrester […]

Cutting Through The Noise And Defining The Value Of The Digital Twin For Your Business

Nate Fleming March 15, 2018
There’s a lot of talk about the digital twin in the business world these days, but the definition remains murky. Think of the digital twin as a virtual mirror. If you move one way – so does your reflection. Your reflection is also unique to you. If someone else stepped in front of the mirror, even a sibling, what appeared in the mirror […]

How Software Is Shifting The Dynamics Of Traditional Product Management

Nate Fleming June 29, 2017
The changing dynamics of product and portfolio management is emerging as a top challenge for Forrester clients in 2017 based on the latest client search data from I argue that software’s creeping impact on products and assets in a range of industries is forcing companies to change how they manage and manufacture products. As […]

Product Development Must Evolve For The Internet Of Things

Nate Fleming May 17, 2017
Traditional physical products and machinery are steadily being replaced by connected products and assets that shift business models and augment customer relationships with digital experiences and data.  But creation of these products is a major challenge for traditional product companies. The process of building connected products is complex, requiring new software development skill sets, accelerated […]

PLM TechRadar Report: Democratized PLM Offerings Expand Functionality and User Base

Nate Fleming April 3, 2017
As the product development process and product usage creates higher volumes of data, PLM is a necessary tool to consolidate disparate sources of product information. From this repository, engineering can use product usage data to inform next generation products, operations can improve product development processes, and business stakeholders can focus on linking products to holistic […]

What Product Development Orgs Can Learn From The Samsung Crisis

Nate Fleming October 21, 2016
As details regarding the termination of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone continue to unfold, there are several important lessons, both technological and organizational, that manufacturers and product organizations should take away from their peer’s costly product crisis: Company culture can sabotage entire product lines and destroy brands. In the press, sources from inside Samsung […]

New Forrester Wave: Services Vendors Are Vital Partners As Companies Build Digital Platforms

Nate Fleming April 26, 2016
Customers expect digital experiences to accompany the physical products and services they purchase in today’s highly competitive business market. They want these digital platforms to be personal, easy to navigate, and valuable — regardless of how difficult it is to create and maintain such an experience! That’s why companies looking to create a customer- or […]