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Content Demands Drive DAM Uptake

Nick Barber April 4, 2022


Introducing Experience Architecture: An Ecosystem Approach To Customer Obsession

Nick Barber March 21, 2022
Align your enterprise with your customer and provide a seamless, more intuitive experience.

Get Your DAM House In Order: Latest Forrester Wave™ Highlights Top DAM Vendors

Nick Barber February 16, 2022
Don’t let DAM fool you. Despite being around for a few decades and being the lesser-known cousin of digital experience platforms (DXPs) and content management systems, digital asset management (DAM) is cornerstone technology to deliver personalization at scale. If you’re not using DAM today, you’re already in the minority, but it’s not too late. In […]

Three Reasons Why A Multi-CMS Approach May Be Right For Your Brand

Nick Barber January 24, 2022
In the midst of tech consolidation, brands must think strategically about their CMS Portfolio. Some smart brands are realizing that a multi-CMS strategy can actually improve agility, flexibility, and speed to market.

Deliver Brand Relevance And Growth With A New Experience Architecture

Nick Barber October 28, 2021
How do firms like Target, The Home Depot, and Starbucks deliver top quality CX and EX? With experience architecture (XA). Learn more about XA in this blog and at our upcoming Technology & Innovation event.

The Market Remains Hot As We Kick Off Our Next Forrester Wave™ Evaluation Of The DAM Landscape

Nick Barber September 22, 2021
You should give a DAM about the DAM market and your DAM needs. More than 60% of the users we surveyed already give a DAM. Because of this heat in the market, strong growth, and, most importantly, customer need, we’re kicking off our next Forrester Wave evaluation on digital asset management in October. The volume […]

Pandemic-Induced Collaboration: Adobe’s Billion-Dollar Acquisition

Nick Barber September 2, 2021
The pandemic ripped off the Band-Aid for collaboration. Hybrid and completely remote environments drove businesses to adopt new ways of working. Videoconferencing, virtual events, and collaboration capabilities surged. One by-product is the red-hot acquisition market for these technologies. Most recently, we saw Adobe’s intent to acquire, a company that makes video collaboration software. While […]

Adobe “Catchy Content” Shows How Content Intelligence Powers Personalization

Nick Barber May 3, 2021
Marketers are obsessed with data. But when that obsession turns into tunnel vision on customer data only, it becomes impossible to achieve personalization at scale. Instead, brands need to know both their customer and their content, and Adobe took the wraps off a prototype that aims to do just that. At the company’s fully virtual […]

Agile CMS Moves The Market Beyond Headless — The Just-Released Forrester Wave™ Evaluation

Nick Barber February 22, 2021
Agile content management systems (CMSes) build on the momentum of nearly 30 years of delivering modern, digital, internet-powered experiences. With a nod to both developers and practitioners, agile CMS seeks to enable collaborative, iterative approaches to content and experiences that satisfy both sides of the house. Make no mistake, though, agile CMS is more than […]

Adobe Buys Workfront To Boost Upstream Creative Support

Stephanie Liu November 10, 2020
Adobe announced yesterday it’s shelling out $1.5 billion to acquire work management tool Workfront, cementing a longstanding partnership between the two companies. Together, Adobe and Workfront can spin a tale of coupling a Forrester Wave™ Leader digital asset manager (DAM) and a work management tool that can handle all the planning and collaboration aspects of […]

Predictions 2021: “COVID Wrote The Business Case — Our Future Is Digital”

Ted Schadler October 29, 2020
In 2020, digital shifted from nice-to-have to must-have. In 2021, companies will accelerate their digital transformation with a focus on customers and what, where, and how to serve them.

Adobe Wants To Make 3D An (Augmented) Reality

Nick Barber October 23, 2020
Adobe is doubling down on its 3D support, betting that the format will power more omnichannel experiences in the years to come. And they’re right. Adobe’s vision for 3D is in line with soon-to-be-published research that Ryan Skinner and I wrote. In it, you’ll read how companies like Wayfair, IKEA, Zenni, Nespresso, and others are […]

DAM Is A Key Ingredient For Your Digital Experience Delivery

Nick Barber July 6, 2020
Learn the three key factors in making your DAM selection and deployment a success.

Adobe Summit Offers Some “Classic” Themes In A New Format

Allen Bonde April 6, 2020
The spike in online commerce, the importance of experiences (and data to power them), and the need for organizations of all types to accelerate their digital transformation were themes that were front and center at last week’s Adobe Summit 2020. Presented as a series of video keynotes and live BlueJeans-based panels and breakout sessions, this […]

Summit 2020: You’re A Media Company, So Get Your DAM House In Order 

Nick Barber April 6, 2020
Learn how to maximize your content's value through digital asset management. Join us at Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit in May.

Are Virtual Events The Right Move For You?

Laura Ramos March 25, 2020
COVID-19 has forced the cancellation or delay of conferences, seminars, and trade shows of all sizes. Before deciding whether to turn an in-person gathering into an online experience, consider these four questions.

B2B Marketing And Sales: Combat Digital Sameness With Video

Nick Barber November 22, 2019


Hot DAM! Top Vendors In Our Forrester Wave™

Nick Barber November 20, 2019


Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence And 3D Offerings Drive Creative Efficiency And Scalable Experiences

Nick Barber November 15, 2019


Minivans Vs. Motorheads — Why The Right Content Fuels Proper Personalization

Nick Barber October 21, 2019
Digitally savvy customers have increasingly high expectations that put brands under pressure to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right individual. In fact, 80% of US online customers are comfortable sharing some form of personal information to personalize their retail experience, according to Forrester Analytics’ Consumer Technographics® survey data. Customers want […]
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