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CPQ: Empowering Buyers To Buy With Omnichannel Sales

Robert Muñoz March 30, 2023
Learn how your organization can leverage CPQ solutions to win, retain, and grow customers, This blog will highlight trends uncovered during research for The Configure, Price, Quote Solutions Landscape, Q1 2023.

A Sales Performance End-Of-Year Review — Forrester’s SPM Landscape Can Help

Robert Muñoz December 22, 2022
Congratulations on making it through another turbulent year! As we toast our glasses to hopes of new opportunities and growth in 2023, it’s important to take some time to review what we’ve learned through the year and adapt to changes that are unfolding into the new year. This was an important year of discovery as […]

The Two Pillars Of Successful Annual Sales Planning

Robert Muñoz October 7, 2021
Many factors go into effective sales annual planning. Yet without close revenue engine alignment and use of data-driven insights, your plan may be doomed to failure.

Putting Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall Into Action: Six Tips For Laser-Focused Targeting

Alisa Groocock July 22, 2021
Your product demos, content, and delivery channels won't matter if you're pursuing the wrong targets. Learn how the new Waterfall can help you zero in on the most promising opportunities.

Optimizing The Outside Sales/Inside Sales Mix

Robert Muñoz April 30, 2021
Inside sales and field sales activities and roles have blurred, as both sellers and buyers enabled with digital tools have confirmed the physical and virtual boundaries that separate “outside” and “inside” sellers don’t matter anymore. Inside sales reps can close big deals — often more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional field sellers, […]

Clairvoyance Should Not Be Required For Revenue Planning

Marcia Trask April 15, 2021
Marketing, sales, and customer engagement leaders need a structured, facts-based approach to achieving revenue and growth goals. Learn what that requires.

Targeting Better Together: Six Insights-Driven Best Practices For Sales And Marketing Leaders

Alisa Groocock March 8, 2021
There is enormous power in building a proprietary set of insights that drive sales and marketing to the best-fit and most lucrative targets.

Sales Operations Leaders: Set Realistic Sales Goals For 2021

Robert Muñoz September 30, 2020
The uncertainty around the length and extent of COVID-19 makes the expected impact for 2021 unclear. One of the most important things you can do as a revenue or sales operations leader is ensure that the annual sales goals set across the business are realistic and in line with the business assumptions.

Have You Created a Quota Model for FY19 Yet?

Robert Muñoz October 19, 2018
  • Setting and deploying quotas is a critical challenge for B2B sales leaders
  • Quotas must be equitable, challenging and achievable – and drive consistent team and individual performance
  • Quota deployment is a six-step process that requires the alignment of sales, sales operations and finance

Sales Intelligence: Guiding Sales Operations on the Path to Success

Robert Muñoz July 17, 2018
  • Sales operations leaders are challenged to extract sales intelligence that informs, prescribes, automates, predicts and drives actionable insights to achieve sales goals
  • The SiriusDecisions Sales Intelligence Model identifies 17 capabilities foundational to delivering sales intelligence across each sales planning and execution stage
  • Building an end-to-end sales intelligence capability drives greater alignment between sales, product, marketing and finance on goals, deliverables and performance measures that improve predictability and visibility