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With Sales Tech, Getting You To Your Destination Is The Easy Part

Seth Marrs November 15, 2021
Ask sales technology vendors these three questions to determine if their solutions can go beyond forecasting and provide insights that will help you consistently hit sales targets.

Get To “Yes” Faster By Embracing The Switch From Relay To Adventure Racing

Seth Marrs September 7, 2021
Revenue organizations need to work together to optimize human and digital interactions with buyers, rather than restricting functional groups to “their” position in the buyer’s journey.

The Future Of Sales Compensation Is Insight-Driven

Seth Marrs March 31, 2021
Sales compensation plans have not kept up with the realities of how B2B sales are won. This will change as insights are increasingly folded into the compensation planning process.

Are You Optimizing Your Sales Compensation Program?

Seth Marrs February 17, 2021
Use the four stages of annual compensation planning to maximize the effectiveness of your plan today and in the future.

What You Can’t See Will Hurt You: Leveraging Digital Insights To Drive Sales

Seth Marrs January 19, 2021
Buyers who conduct online research provide better signals than what sales reps can get through direct interaction alone. Learn how to translate this data into recommended next steps.

Can Your Sales Rep Be Influenced By Commission?

Seth Marrs January 5, 2021
Compensation is important — but it isn't always the primary sales motivator. Evaluate these three factors to determine the true impact of commission.

The Six Components Of Effective Sales Compensation Plans

Seth Marrs November 24, 2020
An effective sales compensation program keeps sales reps motivated and drives revenue goals. Learn about the six elements of an effective compensation program.

Quoting Is About More Than Just Efficiency — It’s Also A Key Sales Driver

Seth Marrs September 28, 2020
Discover how to use quoting results to identify cross-sell opportunities and improve sales productivity.

The Best of Both Worlds: Sales Reps Can Finally Get Value From Their Customer Interactions Without Needing to Log Them

Seth Marrs September 2, 2020
  • Sales activity analysis identifies insights that enhance the quality of buyer interactions
  • Automating activity capture reduces sales administrative time while increasing insights
  • Better insights help sales reps shift behavior from doing the same thing to doing the most meaningful thing

Cadence Optimization Is a Sales Rep Prospecting Superpower

Seth Marrs August 4, 2020
Follow three steps to improve the effectiveness of your prospecting teams, and leverage AI to enhance your sales reps' ability to connect with buyers.

Sales Reps as Psychics: Buyers Want You to Know Their Expectations, Even if They Haven’t Told You What They Are

Seth Marrs July 14, 2020
  • Use digital interactions to educate sales reps about buyer needs
  • Three specific opportunities allow reps to take advantage of digital interactions to close more sales
  • Analyzing digital interactions is an underutilized tool that helps reps to anticipate buyers’ needs

Are You Managing Your Sales Data or Is It Managing You?

Seth Marrs July 2, 2020
  • Dynamic guided selling requires clean, real-time data to deliver the desired results
  • Three data management shifts will help organizations use AI effectively to improve performance
  • Eliminate data cleansing as a daily task to maximize analytics capabilities

Sales Success Is Not About Hitting Quota

Seth Marrs May 19, 2020
  • A quota is only valid if it is aligned to company and employee success
  • Many companies think success equals growth but could be doing much better
  • Inaccurate quotas degrade their value as a motivator for sales reps

Turn Your Funnel Upside Down and Shake Out a Plan to Over-Deliver After a Crisis

Seth Marrs May 15, 2020
  • Leverage downtime to prepare sales to be more productive when we defeat Covid-19
  • Channel your inner organizer to better understand your sales funnel
  • Use this time to connect with buyers using new methods that may be more effective

What If the World Depended on the Accuracy of Your Org’s Data?

Seth Marrs April 22, 2020
  • Data accuracy is critical today but still a struggle for even the most important tasks and analysis
  • To maximize its effectiveness, AI requires accurate, real-time data
  • The right data structure will enable the focus to shift from today to the future

AI Can Get You a Date, But Can It Keep Your Buyers From Swiping Left?

Seth Marrs March 3, 2020
  • AI is taking on tasks many believed only humans could perform
  • As AI develops and matures, B2B buyers will start to transition more of their decisionmaking to AI tools
  • For B2B organization to stay relevant, they must properly implement AI tools to better support their buyers

Supercharging Sales with Dynamic Guided Selling

Seth Marrs February 3, 2020
  • Dynamic guided selling is a concept that is poised to become a reality in B2B sales organizations
  • Integrating sales tools to build an iterative process enables sales teams to win more
  • E-commerce guided selling, configure, price and quote (CPQ) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) and AI are the foundation for every customer interaction