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Make People The Key To Your Success In An AI World

James L. McQuivey, PhD June 11, 2024
Success with AI will depend on how effectively you lead your people who leverage powerful AI tools. Learn how to effectively find and train talent for AI in this preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation Summits.

Will Generative AI Revolutionize ERP Systems?

What It Means 2 days ago
Generative AI is breathing new life into traditional technology, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are no exception. In this episode, Vice President and Principal Analyst Liz Herbert discusses the opportunities, use cases, and challenges of genAI in ERP.

Every Revenue Process Transformation Will Be Unique — Just Get Started

Amy Hawthorne 3 days ago
A revenue process transformation isn’t a project or single workshop initiative. It’s an ongoing, collaborative effort that requires organizations to meet their buyers at every stage of their journey. Learn what it takes to get started.

For Brands, The Olympics Is Unlike Any Other Sporting Event

Dipanjan Chatterjee 4 days ago
The Olympics are global, prestigious, vast, and a tribute to extraordinary grit. Companies looking to leverage the games to promote their brands need to recognize the event's uniqueness.

Q&A With Keith Fletcher, International Customer Experience Manager At E.ON

Martin Gill July 4, 2024
Following his recent appearance on stage at Forrester’s CX Summit EMEA, Keith Fletcher, international customer experience manager at E.ON, answers more audience questions on using customer journeys to fuel sustainable growth.

Supreme Court Punts Flimsy Laws Limiting Social Media Content Moderation

Kelsey Chickering July 1, 2024
Dismantling content moderation on social media platforms would have a host of negative consequences and change marketers' spending decisions.

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Threading The Needle On GenAI And Developer Experience

Andrew Cornwall 1 day ago
Let’s face it: A lot of what developers do is routine. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a developer declare, “Hooray, I get to set up a SQL database!” (Well … maybe I’ve heard that once or twice — I know a lot of developers who are connoisseurs of sarcasm.) However, when it comes to […]

Microsoft Enters (And Disrupts) The Burgeoning SSE Market

David Holmes 1 day ago
Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Entra Suite, which will compete in the hot security service edge (SSE) market. Microsoft’s domination of the enterprise software market means that many organizations will “end up” with Microsoft solutions, even if that’s not what the CIO or CISO really wanted. Take Microsoft Teams; because it’s Microsoft, it’s everywhere. […]

Don’t Get Blinded By Shiny Tech Objects

Get our guide to building a business case for emerging technology investment, identifying use cases, and securing support — and learn how Forrester’s CaDI analysis framework can prevent you from going down the wrong path.


Four Questions To Ask When Selecting An All-In-One Event Management Platform

Conrad Mills 1 day ago
Too many organizations treat their event technology as a tactical rather than strategic asset, with different teams selecting and deploying solutions in silos. This leads to wasted resources, overlapping capabilities, and data silos. Consolidating on to a single all-in-one event management platform (EMP) solves these challenges and also helps teams deliver more personalized and digital-centric […]

Teamwork Lessons From Config 2024

AJ Joplin 1 day ago
Read on to learn how Figma is approaching rapid growth, organization, partnership, craftsmanship, and collaboration.

Introducing The Digital Banking Processing Platforms Landscape, Q3 2024

Huard Smith 1 day ago
Explore Forrester’s digital banking processing platforms landscape report, highlighting 26 vendors and the transformative potential of these modern core banking systems for enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Scaling Customer Success Through Digital Can Double Your ROI

Laura Ramos 2 days ago
Customer success (CS) teams continue to improve as important business functions. As B2B firms dedicate more resources to CS, leadership wants reassurance that this investment delivers solid returns. Proving this becomes challenging when scaling customer success happens primarily through headcount and by teams segmenting coverage into low-touch and high-touch models. As the costs grow, so […]

AIOps Drives Observability And Business Outcomes In IT

Carlos Casanova 2 days ago
AIOps is a critical tool for IT leaders aiming to run high-performance organizations and drive business outcomes. Learn more about the benefits of AIops in this preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation Summit North America.

Capture & Prove Marketing’s True Value Beyond Sourcing Metrics

Download our measurement toolkit to discover demand performance indicators and metrics to reveal marketing’s real business impact across complex buyer journeys.


Build Resilience, Gain Trust

Brent Ellis 2 days ago
As organizations ask employees and partners to execute and deliver at a faster pace, the risk of technology failure becomes greater. Learn how understanding technology resilience can help minimize these risks in a preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation Summit North America.

What You Should Look For From ESG Data And Analytics Providers

Aurelie L'Hostis 2 days ago
The Forrester Wave™: ESG Data And Analytics Providers, Q3 2024, reveals the 12 providers that matter most and how they stack up.

362: Live At CX Summit North America, 2024

The CX Cast 3 days ago
We come to you live this week from Forrester’s annual CX Summit North America conference in Nashville, Tennessee. This year, sessions will focus on blending generative AI with human capabilities, plus how this will impact CX, marketing, and digital. We capture some familiar voices discussing the research they’ll be sharing throughout the event.

Digital Business Strategy Service Providers Must Evolve To Deliver Value

Dan Bieler 4 days ago
Value creation should be at the center of each criterion for selecting digital service providers.

OK, AI, Buy Me Some Enterprise Software

John Buten 4 days ago
If your buyers use genAI to research your product and don't put you on their short list, how would you even know? B2B buyers are rapidly adopting genAI, changing how they shop. B2B companies need to start preparing for much smarter shoppers.

Announcing The First Forrester Wave™ On Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Meng Liu 4 days ago
Learn three key differentiators for vendors in the accounts payable invoice automation (APIA) landscape in this preview of the new report, The Forrester Wave™: Accounts Payable Invoice Automation, Q3 2024.

My Takeaways From Config 2024: Impacts On Design Systems, Storytelling, And Accessibility

Gina Bhawalkar 4 days ago
Gina Bhawalkar shares her take on Config 2024 and its implications for design systems and accessibility.

Software Design Gets An AI Infusion From Figma, And It’s Worth Trying Now

David Truog 4 days ago
With Adobe’s $20 billion proposed acquisition of Figma called off in response to regulatory scrutiny based on insufficient understanding of how software is made, a sense of expectant curiosity surrounded Figma’s 2024 installment of Config (its annual user conference), especially about its AI strategy. Why? Because although Figma has rocketed to leadership in software interaction […]

Dive In: Attend Our Interactive AI Innovation Lab At The T&I NA Summit

William McKeon-White 4 days ago
Join us at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation Summit North America for an innovation lab where you’ll get to work with other business and public sector leaders to not only try out cutting-edge genAI but also get hands-on practice with how discrete genAI models can be applied.

The Global State Of B2B Events — Eight Key Findings On Event Trends From Forrester’s Recent Survey

Conrad Mills 4 days ago
Over the past four years, marketers have navigated unprecedented change in the B2B event sector as first the pandemic and then inflation impacted their plans. To help leaders better understand this dynamic landscape, Forrester’s Q1 2024 State Of B2B Events Survey gathered responses from over 200 event decision-makers to identify and analyze the key trends. […]

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


The Circular Economy Is Brought To You By The Letter R

Paul Miller July 4, 2024
Learn how the five Rs can help manufacturers participate in the circular economy: reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish, and recycle.

Greeking Out: Aristotle’s Guide To AIOps Mastery

Carlos Casanova July 3, 2024
Aristotle’s wisdom nails it: mastering precision, appropriateness, timeliness, intentionality, and methodology isn’t just for anger management — it's crucial for AIOps too. In the chaotic world of IT, we need to separate the signal from the noise and act with clear intention.

Human + AI: Meet Your Digital Double

Martin Gill July 3, 2024
Last week, we wrapped up CX Summit EMEA 2024. Firstly, I have to say a massive thanks to everyone who attended, both in person and virtually, as well as to the team behind the scenes that worked tirelessly to put on a great show. It takes a village of people who you see on stage […]
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