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What Can Sisyphus Teach Marketing About The Importance Of Retention?

David Parry July 24, 2023
What can marketing learn from Sisyphus about the importance of retention? Sisyphus, the king of Corinth in Greek mythology, incurred the wrath of the gods and was condemned by Hades to an eternal punishment. His fate involved ceaselessly pushing a boulder uphill in the depths of the underworld, only to have it roll back down […]

No, March Isn’t Toilet Paper And Pasta Month

David Parry December 23, 2022
Historical data collected during the pandemic might suggest that UK consumers buy their annual supply of toilet paper and pasta in March. Today, that information remains in companies’ insights and marketing databases alongside data that predicts buyer behaviours. The same applies to B2B data, both in terms of areas where sales grew and declined. The question is: Which behaviours are part of a trend and which are simply anomalies, and what can B2B marketing leaders do to ensure they don’t sleepwalk into making data-driven mistakes?

Marketing Enablement Improves Business Outcomes — Show Me The Value

Matt Papertsian December 16, 2022
Marketing leaders understand that enablement drives better business outcomes, yet companies spend only about 10% of what they spend to enable sales. Learn what it takes to establish and communicate the value of marketing enablement efforts.

What Happens To Trust In Times of Economic Volatility?

Ian Bruce August 25, 2022
In times of extraordinary political and social instability, consumers turn to brands they trust. Get a data-driven look at why that is and how to make the most of it.

Getting Marketing Leaders Back Together At Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA 2022

David Parry August 2, 2022
From leadership strategies to planning best practices to elevating marketing's role, here's a look at what to expect at Forrester's B2B Summit EMEA this fall.