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The Data Digest: Get Inside The Mind Of Your Changing B2B Tech Buyer

Tyler McDaniel October 25, 2016
Technology has become the foundation for nearly every customer experience, enabling companies to provide new sources of value to customers with each interaction. It’s no surprise, then, that business leaders are shifting their mindset and their approach to technology. Specifically, tech-empowered customers and their rising expectations have led to changes in: Business priorities and areas […]

The Data Digest: Do You Know Your New Technology Buyer?

Tyler McDaniel October 6, 2016
For years, technology purchasing has been moving away from a central IT approach and into the business. Forrester Data shows that in North American enterprises, 73% of technology spending is either business-led or the business provides significant input into IT’s purchase — up from 71% last year.  Clearly times have changed when it comes to […]

Data Digest: Partner With Business Leaders To Lead The Business Technology Transformation

Tyler McDaniel July 7, 2015
For CIOs, finding a clear path forward in the Business Technology (BT) Agenda can seem daunting, as you work to balance critical operational requirements with new initiatives designed to help your organization win, serve, and retain customers.  But there are trailblazers in your organization.  Forrester continues to see spending on technology spread and move out […]