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A New Playbook For B2B Sales To Drive Scalable, Sustainable Growth

Mike Pregler June 4, 2023
Sales and revenue leaders need to transition to a systematic approach to growth that prioritizes processes and investments in infrastructure, technology, and insights. Our Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales service is designed to facilitate that transition.

B2B Sales Leaders: Balance Strategic And Tactical Investments In 2023

Mike Pregler September 1, 2022
Experience from past economic slumps indicates that B2B sales leaders’ budget plans must balance essential strategic investments with “quick win” tactical investments.

B2B Sellers Must Reevaluate How They Build Trust With Buyers

Ian Bruce March 10, 2022
New Forrester research illustrates how complex B2B buyers' decision-making processes are and the value of building trust with buyers.

In 2022, Insights-Driven Sales Organizations Will Win

Mike Pregler October 6, 2021
B2B sales leaders need to move away from conventional, comfortable approaches and embrace the realities of today's digital-first buying climate. Learn what the shift requires.

What 2020 Taught B2B Sales Leaders And Teams

Mike Pregler December 14, 2020
In a year when bright spots were hard to come by, several valuable, hard-won lessons emerged for sales organizations that will serve them well in the years to come.

Ist Ihr Vertrieb bereit, um jetzt das Beste aus sich herauszuholen?

Mike Pregler November 24, 2020
In den sozialen Medien wird viel über gesunde Fitnessgewohnheiten während der COVID-19-Einschränkungen geredet, um so durch Bewegung nach der Pandemie besser in Form zu sein als vorher. Was mich betrifft, so lasse ich Sie lieber selber urteilen, wenn wir hoffentlich alle in Austin zum Summit 2021 zusammenkommen. Die gleiche Frage sollten sich Vertriebsorganisationen stellen: Kann […]

Is Your Sales Organization Ready To Emerge Its Fittest Self?

Mike Pregler September 18, 2020
Looking ahead to 2021, sales leaders mush shift from adapting to the “new normal” to proactively planning for the recovery and their “next normal.”

Lighten the Load on Your Sales Organization to Move Faster!

Mike Pregler February 10, 2020
  • Many emerging-growth organizations are using inside sales as a fast and agile way to accelerate revenue growth
  • Mature organizations are using inside sales as a cost-efficient way to continue and expand revenue growth
  • A sales leader should follow five essential steps to stand up the inside sales function

Sales Investment Strategy: The Constant Balancing Act for CSOs

Mike Pregler December 30, 2019
  • Digital transformation compels sales leaders to benchmark the structure and efficiency of their organizations
  • Cost-efficient revenue growth requires continual optimization of organizational investment across all sales roles
  • As organizations grow and mature, sales leaders increase their percentage of inside and indirect channel reps relative to their percentage of direct field reps