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Auswirkungen von GenAI auf die Social-Tech-Landschaft

Kelsey Chickering 26 April 2024
Grundlegende Prozesstransformationen benötigen die Synergie verschiedener KIs. Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie sich genAI auf die Social-Tech-Landschaft auswirkt.

Adtech Is Losing The Plot On Made-For-Arbitrage (MFA) Sites

Mo Allibhai April 10, 2024
Last week, Forbes was accused of misleading major advertisers with a spoof of its own website – The company created the site in 2017 as a subdomain, stretched its own content to fit more ad formats (e.g., turning 700-word articles into 34 slides), and sold advertising on this made-for-arbitrage (MFA) site to brands that […]

Are You Advertising During This Election Cycle? Read This First.

Audrey Chee-Read March 5, 2024
The US election cycle in 2024 will it be the priciest media buy to date. Get three tips on how to prepare your advertising spend for the upcoming cycle.

Bad Ads: What Are You Going To Do When They Come For You?

Mo Allibhai January 24, 2024
In 2024, digital marketers and publishers have a unique opportunity to rebuild trust in digital advertising and the internet overall. Given how loose security standards are across the programmatic ecosystem, this requires abandoning “blind programmatic” in favor of more coordinated, stringent buying strategies. 2023 was an eventful year for bad ads, which Forrester defines as […]

How GenAI Is Impacting The Social Tech Landscape

Kelsey Chickering November 28, 2023
Generative AI’s emergence triggered a landslide of interest and experimentation across sectors, including social media and content. Forrester’s Global AI Software Forecast, 2023 To 2030 supports this, as content marketing is the third-largest category for specialized genAI software spend. The rapid evolution of generative AI technology within the social tech landscape has sparked a race […]

This Halloween, Don’t Get Spooked By In-Game Mobile Ads

Mo Allibhai October 27, 2023
Microsoft completed its largest ever acquisition of Activision Blizzard earlier this month. Buried under the lede is the fact that it now owns King, a hugely successful mobile advertising platform with over $300 million in advertising revenue annually. It’s not the first acquisition of its kind: Earlier this year, console gaming giant Sega purchased Rovio, […]

MediaMath Bankruptcy Fallout: SSPs Dine-And-Dash, Leave Publishers With The Bill

Mo Allibhai July 28, 2023
Adtech is supposed to efficiently connect marketers with publishers — demand with supply. Marketers rely on a suite of vendors, including demand-side platforms (DSPs) to furnish brand-safe, fraud-free inventory, and publishers use supply-side platforms (SSPs) to match their unique content to relevant ads and buyers. Ads and cash travel one way; as the funds disperse […]

MediaMath’s Demise Puts Undifferentiated DSPs On Notice

Mo Allibhai July 13, 2023
As the dust settles from the slow, then sudden, death of MediaMath, it’s clear that this was a one-off case of financial mismanagement rather than a canary in the coal mine for demand-side platforms (DSPs) or adtech. The event resurfaces the interdependency of the ecosystem and recalls the last time that a major DSP turned […]

Adtech Is Searching For Its Next Oasis

Mo Allibhai June 12, 2023
This year, programmatic advertisers face an unusual economic paradox: Ad spend continues to go up, but sellers of programmatic advertising and adtech vendors alike are consolidating and reorganizing in pursuit of efficiency. The stakes (and the same factors that drove real-time bidding adoption in the first place) are high: millions of hours of monetizable consumer […]