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Customer-Obsessed B2B Leaders Give More And Get More — Do You?

Caroline Robertson April 6, 2022
Explore three traits that separate truly customer-centric leaders from the rest of the pack

It’s Time To Crack The B2B Sales Gender Diversity Code

Mary Shea January 26, 2021
Women hold just 12% of top B2B sales positions — though the evidence shows greater profitability and performance when women are represented at the highest levels. Recent research by Forrester analysts outlines what needs to change.

Predictions 2021: Grounded Sellers Fly In The Face Of Old Norms

Mary Shea October 23, 2020
COVID-19 has accelerated the digital next normal for B2B sales. What lies ahead? Read an overview of our 2021 B2B sales predictions.

What Are The Sustained Implications Of COVID-19? Here’s What Our B2B Marketing And Sales Analysts See

Caroline Robertson June 23, 2020
COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of change in marketing and selling. We've identified six trends that will endure after the pandemic ends.

B2B Leaders Will Find CX North America Literally And Virtually Stimulating

Caroline Robertson May 20, 2020
Learn how we'll help firms master B2B customer experience at the CX North America live virtual experience on June 16-18, 2020.

Summit 2020: Lessons In Resilience And Customer Centricity

Caroline Robertson May 13, 2020
Forrester analysts share how B2B companies can help their clients and themselves navigate uncertainty and come out ahead.

Summit 2020: AI Can Heighten Your Senses, But Don’t Let It Reduce Your Common Sense

Caroline Robertson April 16, 2020
Artificial intelligence can help marketers fulfill their mission of influencing prospects and clients. But using these tools well requires keen human judgment.

Predictions 2020: B2B Marketers Pivot From Products To Experiences

Caroline Robertson October 29, 2019
Learn why experience will be the gift that keeps on giving for B2B marketing and sales.

What CIOs Can Learn From Fleetwood Mac About Marketing

Caroline Robertson March 5, 2019
Here at Forrester, we love all things music. Each office floor has a different musical theme, and all the rooms are named after popular musicians of the time. It’s not uncommon to have a team meeting in Guns N’ Roses or an afternoon phone call in Jackson Browne. So it seems natural to think of […]

Nine More Questions For 3M Industrial Business Marketing Leader Penny Wise

Caroline Robertson November 21, 2018
This year’s B2B Marketing & Sales Forum wrapped up just under a month ago, but I wanted to continue the great conversation I started with Penny Wise, marketing director of the Industrial Business Group at 3M, and get to more of the great questions posed by our Forum audience. Caroline: Penny, I kicked off the Forum […]

Predictions 2019: B2B Marketing And Sales — Mission Possible

Caroline Robertson November 8, 2018
Many attendees of our B2B Marketing 2018 Forum remarked how the energy was high and the focus was driven — the marketing and sales leaders who joined us in Austin were on a mission to overdeliver on business expectations for their practice and figure out how to manage the conflicting priorities that 31% of respondents to […]

So What Makes Our B2B Marketing & Sales Forum So Special?

Caroline Robertson August 2, 2018
If you are like many marketing or sales leaders we work with, there are two things you struggle to find time to do: Invest time in your own development. Attend conferences that relate more to your practice than your product. I know that was the case for me before I reentered the advisory world a […]

Sometimes Questions Are The Fastest Path To Solutions

Caroline Robertson April 23, 2018
By nature, people like to help. Anyone who has ever networked their way into a new job by doing a round of purposeful informational interviews knows this. And while the optimal outcome for that discussion is a solution like “I need someone just like you on my team — when can you start?” that’s a […]

A Social Take On Social Selling

Caroline Robertson April 11, 2018
Social selling is one of my B2B Marketing and Sales team’s top inquiry topics. We’ve also helped numerous clients plan and execute effective social selling programs. Given this and the recent report that Mary Shea just published, New Tech: B2B Social Selling Tools, Q1 2018, I thought now would be a great time to touch […]

The View From Backstage: How We Helped Get Customer Obsession Working For You At Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum In Austin

Caroline Robertson October 17, 2017
Just over a week ago in Austin, I achieved another professional milestone — hosting my first Forrester B2B Marketing Forum. While the team did a wonderful job of preparing me and all the speakers at this event, the one thing I was unprepared for is how different the view is from backstage. The upside was […]

Top H1 2017 B2B Marketing Blogs — Opening A Window Into Your World

Caroline Robertson August 9, 2017
It’s not quite the dog days of summer, so more often than not, I can keep my windows at home open. And at Forrester, the B2B marketing team is heads down, finalizing a lineup of amazing speakers and reviewing draft content for the (your) B2B Marketing 2017 forum coming up the first week of October […]

A Healthy Future Welcomes Consultative B2B Sellers

Caroline Robertson May 23, 2017
  Mark Twain unknowingly echoed the state of today’s B2B sellers when he said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” As Mary Shea writes in her newest report, “B2B Consultant Sellers Reign In The 21st Century,” it’s a selective sickness that ails today’s sales professionals. Those at greatest risk of the displacement as […]

How Is Your B2B Marketing Garden Growing? Prune And Plant With Our B2B Marketing Spring Webinar Series

Caroline Robertson March 24, 2017
My former neighbor bought the house next door primarily due to its 9-acre potential. Over the years, I got to see his garden develop from a razed backyard to a well-orchestrated, nearly year-round landscape of seasonal beauty. He’d continually prune out the anemic and plant new varietals that he deemed would more likely thrive in […]

It’s Time To Take Flight With Social Selling

Caroline Robertson February 7, 2017
The logistics of business travel can be nightmarish, especially when productivity is most crucial, which is business as usual for today’s business-to-business (B2B) sellers. On the surface, million-mile platinum status is evidence of rock-star sellers who are willing to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice to build new and enrich existing relationships on […]

Thank you if you bothered [formerly ‘Why Bother’]

Caroline Robertson January 24, 2017
If you had a chance to participate in our survey, thank you so much.  We have now closed the survey.   If you didn't get a chance to but are interested in becoming a panel member, please e-mail Matt Camuso at and we'll be happy to include you in our panel so you can receive regular […]
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