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Is Your B2B Organization Insights-Driven?

Jerry Zhao August 17, 2023
Few organizations argue with the need to become insights-driven, but they may not fully understand what that requires.

Is Your Marketing Campaign Impactful, Manageable, And Measurable?

Jerry Zhao June 22, 2023
A recent roundtable surfaced challenges that B2B marketing leaders are struggling with. Here, we provide some solutions.

Navigating Centralized Operations: A Guide For B2B Regional Leaders

Jerry Zhao May 29, 2023
Modern marketing organizations are constantly changing and optimizing to stay competitive. We often see large corporations restructure their marketing functions from regionalized to central groups, from centralized to regional, or a certain level of hybrid. As a regional marketing leader, in any one of these states, the right mindset and capabilities to find balance and synergy are important to keep your team continuing to perform and shine. This blog shares quick thoughts for marketing executives and operations leaders in those areas with recommendations for building these capabilities.

Practitioner To Analyst: What I Would Have Done Differently If I Had Access To The Research I Have Now

Jerry Zhao January 19, 2023
Being a Forrester marketing operations analyst for 60+ days, my learning journey has been quite informative. Check out what I have discovered so far. From the view of an ex-marketing operations practitioner, I highlight what I would have done differently if I had access to the Forrester assets when I was a practitioner. This blog shares recommendations for marketing operation leaders.