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Can You Handle The Truth? Why Popular Myths Are Holding B2B Sales Back

Phil Harrell March 22, 2022
It's time to relinquish outdated beliefs and embrace data and insights.

Insights Are The Key To Unlocking New Levels Of Sales Productivity

Phil Harrell February 25, 2022
A systematic approach to selling that relies on insights — rather than individual heroics — can help increase sales productivity and ensure all reps achieve quota.

Three Keys To Effective Coaching To Increase Sales Productivity

Phil Harrell February 18, 2022
Sales leaders should hold their sales managers accountable for providing consistent coaching to reps because it has a significant impact on sales productivity and performance. Sixty-five percent of high-impact sales organizations (75% or more of reps achieving quota) report that sales managers spend 20% or more of their time coaching. Today, CEOs and investors prioritize scalable […]

Increase Sales Productivity With Effective New-Hire Onboarding

Phil Harrell February 9, 2022
Onboard New Reps Fast To Avoid Missing Out On Revenue Onboarding new reps quickly is key to achieving annual revenue and quota goals. To do this, sales executives should develop a best-in-class onboarding program by utilizing three core principles: Establish what the sales organization will do to help reps gain competencies. Outline what new hires can […]

Attention, Sales Leaders: Treat Potential Hires Like Potential Buyers To Quickly Fill Recs With Qualified Candidates

Phil Harrell February 3, 2022
The competition for hiring great sales reps has never been fiercer. To ensure they hire the best candidates, sales leaders must treat candidates like buyers. Find out how in this blog post.

Sales Leaders’ Guide To Rolling Out Compensation Plans At Kickoff

Phil Harrell January 20, 2022
Compensation plans that motivate sellers to accomplish corporate objectives are invaluable to sales growth. How sales leaders roll out compensation plans to their sales teams is crucial to gaining buy-in to the plan. Successful rollouts have three key attributes: Transparency Alignment Stakeholder buy-in It is up to the CSO/CRO to communicate the plan and ensure […]

Four Things Sales Executives Should Do Immediately To Ensure A Fast Start To 2022

Phil Harrell January 13, 2022
A sluggish January can be difficult to recover from. Use these insights to start the year on the right foot.

Four Steps Sales Leaders Should Take To Make The Right Sales Tech Investments In 2022

Phil Harrell January 7, 2022
Sales leaders must make the right investments in sales technology if they want to help their sales teams win in 2022. The right sales tech stack can improve sales productivity and broaden rep participation by: Automating administrative tasks for sellers and managers. Collecting valuable customer and seller data. Providing real-time coaching and recommendations. But there […]

How Sales Leaders Can Generate More Pipeline

Phil Harrell December 21, 2021
“My sales team has too many opportunities and too much pipeline,” said no sales leader ever. Recent changes in B2B buying habits offer sales and marketing leaders a unique opportunity to adopt a new approach to building pipeline that will support reps’ quota attainment efforts. Sales Leaders Don’t Care About Leads — They Care About […]

2021 In Review: A Recap Of The Shifts That Every Sales Leader Should Know About

Phil Harrell December 10, 2021
For sales organizations, the past year brought significant change — and accelerated changes already in motion. Here, we recap some of those shifts and help sales leaders put them in perspective.

Want To Set An Achievable Number For 2022? Don’t Skimp On Annual Sales Planning

Phil Harrell September 23, 2021
When sales leaders and the sales org are laser-focused on hitting their year-end numbers, it can be hard to give proper mindshare to annual planning. Yet a thorough planning process is critical to success.

The Glengarry Glen Ross Effect: Why Sales Isn’t Attractive To Recent College Grads

Phil Harrell July 22, 2021
The sales profession has changed — but old stereotypes remain. Sales leaders need to help counter the misperceptions to bring in talent.

Five Productivity Obstacles Sales Organizations Need To Overcome

Phil Harrell May 26, 2021
Improving reps' productivity is a key priority for many sales leaders. The first step to achieving this is to truly understand the productivity obstacles today’s sales teams face.

Moneyball For B2B Sales: The Insights-Driven Sales System

Phil Harrell May 21, 2021
Just as using a scientific approach boosted the fortunes of major league baseball teams, so should sales teams use data and analytics to lift productivity and performance.

Improving Sales Productivity Is Never A One-And-Done Effort 

Phil Harrell May 19, 2021
To get the most value from conducting a sales activity study — and to sustain that value — sales leaders need to continuously look for opportunities to fine-tune.

Welcome To The Future: Have You Heard About The 5 P’s Of Sales?

Phil Harrell May 6, 2021
Learn about the characteristics that sales organizations will need to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Why Sales Leaders Must Leverage A Systematic Approach To Earn, Retain, And Grow Customers

Phil Harrell April 29, 2021
Changing buyer preferences and remote work have forced sales organizations to rethink how and where they sell. An insights-driven, team-oriented approach is needed to succeed. Learn more at next week's B2B Summit North America.

Forrester’s B2B Summit Is Here — And With It Comes The Future Of B2B Sales

Phil Harrell April 26, 2021
Learn what successful selling will require in our upcoming B2B Summit North America.

Sales Leaders: Four Ways To Set An Achievable Number For 2021

Phil Harrell September 28, 2020
Sales leaders should set themselves and their teams up for a successful 2021 by negotiating a realistic and achievable annual quota.

The Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit Asia Pacific 2020: Learning What Sales Leaders in Asia Do to Win

Phil Harrell July 30, 2020
Summit plenary sessions will include actionable insights about changing B2B buying habits and practical advice about how to create resilient sales plans to navigate turbulent times. Sales-specific track sessions will outline how to build a best-in-class outbound prospecting organization, how to select and implement a sales methodology, and how to adopt dynamic selling. technology
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