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What’s Next For Digital Consumer Behaviors?

Sara M. Watson May 12, 2022
Read why you should eschew “new normal” thinking when it comes to consumer behavior. We’re in a deeply unsettled, volatile moment—and change is here to stay.

Technology Is Not Neutral

Sara M. Watson April 18, 2022
Every element of technology is laden with human decisions and values. Find out how those decisions impact the technology itself.

If Your Board Is Bored, Then You’re Boring

Sara M. Watson March 11, 2022
CIOs and CTOs have a complicated relationship with their boards. Now is a ripe opportunity for tech execs to become the digital expert your board needs.

Managing Technology’s Impact On Society Will Require A Responsible And Ethical Tech Organization

Sara M. Watson January 28, 2022
Digital acceleration means all companies need to understand their technological and social impacts to build customer trust. Responsible and ethical tech efforts will need to be coordinated across the enterprise.