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Greeking Out: Aristotle’s Guide To AIOps Mastery

Carlos Casanova July 3, 2024
Aristotle’s wisdom nails it: mastering precision, appropriateness, timeliness, intentionality, and methodology isn’t just for anger management — it's crucial for AIOps too. In the chaotic world of IT, we need to separate the signal from the noise and act with clear intention.

Tightening Budgets? Ensure That Your Business Case Stands Out

Stephanie Slate March 24, 2023
Learn how to cut through the noise and build compelling business cases using Forrester's proven Total Economic Impact™ methodology — the same methodology we use to help our clients demonstrate a consistent, proven, and repeatable way to justify technology investments.

Does A TEI Have A Positive ROI For Companies? You Bet.

Stephanie Slate July 18, 2022
Our recent analysis underscored the benefits a Total Economic Impact Study can deliver to companies, particularly as economic uncertainty looms.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of DEI: Why Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Matter

Stephanie Slate August 25, 2021
Essentially, as CX improves, more customers will comply with a department’s directives, engage with it proactively, speak well of it, trust it, and forgive its mistakes. And if the data is holistic and allows for true representation, it will allow government operations to cost less and run more smoothly.

Activate Your Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study Using The Five W’s And One H

Stephanie Slate March 26, 2021
Use the TEI results to create customer-centric messaging and highlight how you understand their pain points, issues, and struggles — to compel prospects to take action.

Marketing Leaders, Tell Your Buyers The TEI Investment Story: Part Two

Stephanie Slate March 15, 2021
The transparency a TEI study offers allows your sales teams to focus their time on quality leads, rather than on those that will never close.

Marketing Leaders, Tell Your Buyers The TEI Investment Story

Stephanie Slate February 10, 2021
Companies still rely on their B2B marketers to convince buyers their technology is worth the investment. So, what type of strong, persuasive content can marketers create that’ll enable sales teams to get buyers over the finish line?