Client Success Stories

Learn how Forrester has helped leaders stay ahead of change, tackle their most pressing priorities, and ready their teams to deliver results in record time.

Customer Experience

Explore how Forrester has helped CX leaders transform their organizations and deliver demonstrable business results.

Discount Tire

Construct A Successful Customer Advisory Board

Hear how Forrester helped Discount Tire set up a customer advisory board that’s still successful five years on.

Florida Blue

Identify And Activate The Right CX Metrics

CX measurement can be tricky. Learn how Forrester helped Florida Blue select the right CX metrics and turn data into actions.


Deliver Great CX When Employees Are Your Customers

NASA’s CIO organization serves more than 60,000 employees plus external partners. Explore how Forrester enabled CX transformation within a federal agency.


How The NOAA-Forrester Partnership Led To Success With Federal CX — Interview With Tony Wilhelm

In this interview with the NOAA’s Tony Wilhelm, discover how a partnership with Forrester allowed NOAA to fast-track a CX transformation to better serve vulnerable communities.


Inside NOAA’s Accelerated CX Transformation

NOAA achieved a CX transformation in two years that usually takes five. Learn how partnering with Forrester accelerated NOAA’s successful CX transformation.

B2B Marketing

Learn how Forrester has helped B2B marketing leaders drive meaningful change and prove marketing ROI.


Scale Marketing Operations To Fuel Fast Growth

Hear how working with Forrester helped Acronis build and scale its marketing operations function to meet the needs of a fast-growing company.


Align Marketing Planning With A Long-Term Strategy

AVI-SPL needed a multi-year vision to guide its annual marketing planning. Learn how Forrester helped the marketing team build a robust strategy that supports long-range business objectives.


Build A Best-In-Class Partner Engagement Program

Learn how Forrester’s research and hands-on guidance is helping Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, strengthen its channel partner engagement.


Transform Marketing To Meet A New GTM Approach

Discover how Forrester helped Fujitsu Australia Limited revamp its marketing function to better support sales and drive results for the business.

Forrester has been such a fantastic partner to Equinix. Indeed, the word I would use is indispensable.

Deirdre Crossan
Sr. Director of Global Partner Engagement, Equinix

Amplify Digital Marketing’s Impact

For HCL Technologies, the Forrester relationship has been key in boosting digital marketing effectiveness and scaling the company’s reach.

Make Bold Moves Through Data-Driven Insights

Learn how partnering with Forrester helps the content platform provider validate crucial decisions and build a foundation for growth.


Align Global Regions And Accelerate Opportunities

Hear how Forrester helped Lexmark align its messaging, spend, and measurements across 170 countries and tap vast new growth opportunities.

The expertise is real-world, they’re actionable, and they’re in context of your priorities at that point in time. And I think that really is the quintessence of what the Forrester relationship brings. It’s best practice, yes. But it’s real-world results with fantastic people.

Sven Dellagnolo
Senior Director of Revenue Marketing, Lexmark International

Adopt A Customer-Centric Campaign Approach

Life sciences tech company Medidata needed to move from a product-centric marketing approach to one that’s focused on customer needs. Partnering with Forrester helped Medidata create holistic, audience-centric campaigns and simplify measurement.


Build A Durable, Scalable Marketing Infrastructure

Learn how working with Forrester helped the healthcare technology platform Verato build a marketing organization that supports today’s demands and tomorrow’s growth.


Drive Channel Partner Engagement And Success

Struggling with partner engagement, the backup and recovery software company Veeam turned to Forrester. Learn how they energized partner relationships and ramped up results.

B2B Sales

Discover how sales organizations have partnered with Forrester to increase productivity and fuel top performance.


Boost Sales Productivity To Drive Record Results

Hear from ArcBest’s Chief Sales and Customer Engagement Officer on how working with Forrester paved the way to a banner year.

Meeting us where we’re at with the information we need and being that gut-check is really what gives you confidence.

Tony Wagner
Chief Commercial Officer, Onyx CenterSource

Harness Data To Reignite Growth

Learn how Forrester’s data and research empowered Onyx CenterSource to make bold decisions and recover from the pandemic downturn.


Build A Customer-Obsessed Sales Force

Software provider Atlassian prides itself on being customer-first. Explore how its relationship with Forrester has furthered that mission through improving sales onboarding and training.


Check back soon for new stories of how Forrester helps technology and security leaders build new strategies and deliver innovative experiences for customers and employees.

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